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Gold Bears: Dalliance (Slumberland, 2015)

A todo gas

Así se presentan estos chicos de Atlanta, a todo trapo, volumen del distorsionador incluido. A toda leche. Su Pop de guitarras acelerado les acerca a bandas míticas (léase Hüsker Dü, Supershunk), pero su buen gusto a la hora de componer melodías agradables y letras divertidas con tótems del género (Ramones, Buzzcocks…).
Sea como fuere, lo cierto es que este segundo álbum de Gold Bears es un trabajo delicioso en el que tanto amantes del Pop como del Punk pueden encontrar momentos en los que sublimarse.

“Dalliance is a noise-pop record in an era where there’s plenty of noise-pop bands made up of people who grew up listening to noise-pop bands—an obvious modern-day analog is Joanna Gruesome, another Slumberland act who are thanked in the liner notes—and the obviousness of their influences can be noted both with a charitable nod or dismissive wave of the hand. “It’s not like I wake up and say, ‘Man, I can’t wait to write a song that may sound like it was written in the 90s,’” Underwood once said in an interview. “It just sort of happens.” Still, Gold-Bears are sharp enough to catch your attention, as evidenced in the way “For You” opens with a big yell of “You’re a mistake!” before progressing to sparkling outro awash with chimes and white noise, or how Underwood’s insistent vocal pulls “Memo” together on sheer effort, or the bleary, romantic finale of “Hey Sophie”. Dalliance is the sound of a good band tightening to the point where they become something greater” (Pitchfork)

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6 marzo, 2015 - Posted by | Gold Bears

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