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Letting Up Despite Great Faults: Neon (2014)

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - NeonLos tejanos Letting Up Despite Great Faults han aparecido en varias ocasiones en TJB. Y en todo este tiempo, los chicos no han alcanzado notoriedad ni tan siquiera a nivel Indie. Digo ésto porque con este cuarto trabajo, al menos debería haberles dado para conseguir algún tipo de interés aún siquiera a nivel de blogs. Pero no, su Dream-Pop preñado de buenos temas, arreglos de sintes, y voces susurradas no parece que en esta ocasión vaya a tener la repercusión que sin duda merecería.
Pero el mundo de la música es así, y Neon va a servir para que, al menos en TJB, LUDGF tengan su pequeño hueco. De nuevo.

“Listening to Neon, the newest LP from this dreamy pop band, lives up to this. The album is a dreamy compilation of tracks that sound like ’80s synth pop. It sounds like summer. It’s a golden-hued, shimmering album that’s slightly melancholy and nostalgic.
The track “Gold” stands out with plenty of ’80s pop influences and breathy vocals that pull the listener in. A driving guitar sets the stage for the synths, placing this track in a dreamy haze without dragging. “Bishops” starts off ominous and minimal with vocals from the female member of the group, Annah Fisette. It changes up the tone of the album slightly, grounding the general shininess of the other tracks. “Disappear” is a feel-good track. It has a glittery quality to it. Between the light as air guitar, the catchy synths, and the faint vocals, it sounds more like mainstream indie pop compared the rest of the album. Front man, Mike Lee, and Fisette alternate vocals on this track, making it sound reminiscent to something from The Postal Service
The album has thirteen relatively short tracks. The longest track is almost four minutes long, while the shortest hovers just around a minute and a half. It’s hard to latch onto each track due to the format. The songs meld into one another. Some songs tend to get lost by the end, and some of the shorter songs are like snippets of what could be a really promising longer tune. The songs are fleeting and end leaving the listener longing for more” (In Your Speakers)

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30 diciembre, 2014 - Posted by | Letting Up Despite Great Faults

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