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Legends of Country: It’s A Long Way Back From A Dream / From St. George to Snowflake (Single, 2014)

“It’s A Long Way Back From A Dream is the second single by Legends Of Country, a band formed by Jof Owen from The Boy Least Likely To. Inspired by a long standing love of country music and memories of growing up watching Pebble Mill and listening to Johnny Cash and George Hamilton IV, their songs combine a classic earthy country sound with an honest and unmistakeable English indie pop charm.
With dobro, harmonica and mariachi trumpets gently breezing away, the song tells the story of the darts player, Richie Burnett, driving down from South Wales as the defending champion to compete in the 1996 World Darts Championship in Surrey on New Years Eve. He ended up losing the final and fourteen years later he was living on the dole in the Rhondda Valley, struggling to make ends meet after he had quit the sport entirely, unable to balance his darts career with his day job and failing marriage” (Press)


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The Golden Dregs: The Role of a Lifetime (Ep, 2014) – Benjamin Woods and The Golden Dregs (Ep, 2014)

El Anti-Garaje con rasgos Folkies y grabaciones pseudo caseras. Interesante…


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