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A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Sea when absent (Slumberland, Lefse, 2014)

Frialdad Calculada

En el cuarto trabajo de A Sunny Day in Glasgow, el combo americano-australiano ha facturado un sonido friamente calculado, metódicamente desarrollado hasta el detalle, pese a que sus ideas sobrevuelan el océano pues no todos sus residentes conviven.
Su autodefinición es “Dreamy Pop Music”, y sería un buen punto de partida, pero quién es el guapo que se atreve a calificar como simplemente Dream temas como la envolvente Crushin´o la juguetona Boys turn into girls (Initiation rites). Shoegaze ambiental, envolturas electrónicas, paisajes post-rock, ambientes que nos hacen ver en seguida que el sonido de A Sunny Day in Glasgow es mucho más que una adscripción a una simple moda sonora, su expansión va mucho más allá, hasta los límites que el propio oyente de sus álbumes les exija…
En su defecto, demasiada belleza fría, una frialdad sin duda calculada y a la vez algo distante.

“Music that overflows with so many ideas runs the risk of sounding cluttered, but Sea When Absent manages to avoid that pitfall. And that’s pretty impressive, given the disjointed way it was recorded: The six members of the band (Daniels, Goma, Fredrickson, drummer Adam Herndon, bassist Ryan Newmyer, and multi-instrumentalist Josh Meakim) are now scattered across Australia, New York, and Philadelphia, and the album came together as they sent each other snippets of songs, with creative decisions made via lengthy group email chains. The result is an album structured in layers with many overlapping ideas, as fragmentary and luminous as light through a prism. The sweetly singsong-y “MTLOV (Minor Keys)” has the feel of a round, with Goma and Fredrickson’s voices braided into rich harmonies. Then there’s the stone-cold gorgeous “In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)”, which flirts with moments of dissonance and glitchiness (the pre-chorus sounds like nothing so much as a poorly connected Skype call) only to make the moments of sudden clarity feel that much more satisfying.
When A Sunny Day in Glasgow put out “In Love With Useless” as a single, they also released a lyric video for it—which is kind of funny, because they’re not exactly a “lyrics band.” Granted, they’ve pushed the vocals higher into the mix this time around, but it’s usually next to impossible to understand what Goma and Fredrickson are singing. Not that it matters; ASDIG’s music is more about the experience of getting blissfully lost in a feeling, and if their music were too literal or word-based it might take you out of that odd, dreamlike state.
“When Ashes Grammar came out,” Daniels recently recalled, “I thought it was a really loud rock record for a year, and then a friend was like, ‘This is really chilled-out and ambient.'” With Sea When Absent, A Sunny Day in Glasgow have finally made that loud rock record—full of crashing percussion and screaming guitars—but without abandoning the ambiance that makes them so distinct. Sea When Absent has the quality of one of those spectacularly bright summer days when they color in everything seems a little over-saturated, and it induces the same dizzy, woozy feeling you get after staring directly at the sun. Play it loud enough to see spots” (Pitchfork)

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13 noviembre, 2014 - Posted by | A Sunny Day in Glasgow

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