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7777777 Singles (Wiaiwya Records, 2014)

“There aren’t many sets of this year’s singles club left; so if you fancy seven exclusive 7″ picture discs (by Freschard, Trick Mammoth, the Leaf Library, the School, My Favorite, the Human Hearts and eagleowl) that together form a fully illustrated seven step guide to releasing your own records you should probably order quite soon – they’d even make a lovely christmas present, if you’re thinking that far ahead” 

Wiaiwya Records 

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My Favourite: Second empire (Single, Wiaiwya Records, 2014)

Baterías sintetizadas, teclados analógicos, esos saxos tan horteras… todo me recuerda a los tiempos de los Nuevos Románticos, a las hombreras, a los cardados… ¡Ochentas por todos lados!

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