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Secret Colours: Positive distractions (Self-Released, 2014)

Positive Distractions Full  Album cover art

Para este segundo trabajo, la banda de Chicago Secret Colours ha tirado de manual y se ha dedicado a depurar ese característico sonido de Pop-Psicodélico trufado de influencias sesenteras, más o menos ácidas, del Madchester, incluso. Por qué no, de Tame Impala, de los Beatles del White Album
Y han decidido publicar un disco preñado de buenas canciones, de esas que entran fácil al oído, pese a no contar entre todas ellas con un claro tema de esos que los anglosajones denominan “catchy“. Con todo, no me negaréis que oyendo temas como It can´t be simple a uno no se le derriten los oídos escuchando esas líneas de Farfisa y ese bajo profundo.
Positive distractions posee más momentos memorables: Take it slow, Monster, Get to the sun, Rotten summer, Mrs. Bell, o la desenfadada Quite like you… momentos que te pueden convertir un día de lo más gris en una jornada llena de color.

“The album covers a colossal amount of ground, ranging from light, bright strolling melodies like the opener, City Slicker, a song you might want to walk around to in a grungy part of town at sunset; or slower bass-heavy tunes like Heavy & Steady that sounds like the melodic equivalent of a detective novel, with mysterious falls and rises, some strange feedback effects and an air of ’60s psychedelia. Other guitar-heavy, vocally-woozy melodies like Take it Slow are strikingly sweet and familiar-sounding, lazily urging listeners to “Take it easy/Take it slow.” Then suddenly Into Youcombines the electro-funk sounds of groups like Fujiya & Miyagi with more catchy, conventional rock sounds. But behind every track is a consistent and irresistible combination of croony, dusky harmonies, twangy guitar chords and the vague feeling of meandering around a sun-drenched city. 
With Positive Distractions, Secret Colours manages to produce a perfectly balanced neo-garage-pop album with subtle but electrifying surprises scattered throughout. Some songs propel you back into what sound like a classic, bubbly love song by the Kinks, while some, likeMrs. Bell throw in some contemporary, bouncy keyboard and synth effects. The album appropriately ends with the track Positive Distractions, a tune that sails you away into a sunset with light twinge of nostalgic harmonica and a bluesy guitar solo to bid you farewell. You’ll definitely be happy to get lost at sea with this vibrant, melodic journey” (CMJ)

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25 septiembre, 2014 - Posted by | Secret Colours

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