Linda Guilala: Verano (Elefant Records, 2014)

Verano cover artLINDA GUILALA are in a state of grace. We have already mentioned the intense production activity that Iván and Eva have been doing with groups like AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, WHEN NALDA BECAME PUNK and LOS BONSÁIS, but the release of “Xeristar” made it clear that we were dealing with a group at the top of their game and that, with the incorporation of Bruno Mosquera on guitar, they had gained even more intensity and electricity (if that’s even possible). That’s why we want to make the most of this fantastic moment and put out a digital single with two previously unreleased songs.
The single starts off with one of the songs taken from “Xeristar”, “Verano”, which tells one of those stories that it is impossible not to fall for, with echoes of LOS PLANETAS, the electric strength of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and the urgent pop of punk groups like TIGER TRAP. It is perfectly suited to waking our minds up these summer vacations. “Jaime, Iván Y Marta”, the first of the previously unreleased tracks, is even more urgent, like an aggressive version of AUTOMATICS bathed in choruses by YO LA TENGO with an especially angry Ira Kaplan between the irreverent waves of feedback, paying a particular homage to Lou Reed. “Abisal” starts off with an instrumentation that is an authentic wall of electricity, impassable, as strong as an ocean that marks the separation between two worlds – the world of noise and the world of melody. RINGO DEATHSTARR meets DROP NINETEENS.
The release of this digital single is accompanied by the presentation of a fantastic summer video, a collage of colors superimposed in infinite layers in which you can see the group having fun with the electric shock of a song that is destined to be one of the stars of their repertoire. The video, directed by Javi Camino (Magnetova), is one of his more interesting and imaginative pieces. Enjoy this moment and live it up, maybe it will last forever, we think it will, but either way, it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience

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