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The Time and Space Machine: The way out sound from in (Ample Play Records, 2014)

“It’s about time someone got together a killer compilation of Time And Space Machine Mixes. From start to finish this is a full set of end to end burners – Warpaint, Jagwar Ma, Temples, Psychemagik and more all get the treatment. The perfect soundtrack to those phased-out psychedelic summer nights.” Rough Trade Shops
Ample Play Records release a heavy duty collection of Richard Norris’ recent Time And Space Machine Mixes on August 25th. A man of many guises, he has operated as a duo – as The Grid with Dave Ball, as Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve with Erol Alkan – but when it’s time for some solo sonic action, he records and remixes as The Time and Space Machine. We find him at it here: ‘The Way Out Sound From In’, reworking the most cosmic beat combos around into hitherto unheard psychedelic shapes. Warpaint, Jagwar Ma, Temples, Psychemagik, The Sufis and more fall into the Time and Space Machine and come out the other side with wider grins and shinier eyes. It’s The Way Out Sound From In….all aboard.
“I’m lucky enough to work with some of my favourite artists. I try to stay true to them while adding technicolor and hypnosis to the mix.” Richard Norris

19 agosto, 2014 - Posted by | Mixtape

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