Ummagma: Lama (Emerald & Doreen Records, 2014)

On the trail of their double A-side single Rotation, released in December, dreampop shoegaze stars Ummagma celebrate their ethereal Stereolab-MBV-spirited uber-song ‘Lama’ with a mind-expanding package of eclectic remixes by an international roster of producers and artists, most of whom you might not directly connect to genres like noise rock or dreampop. Apart from their own Ukrainian and Canadian connections, this Ummagma LP is a uniting force of sonic satellites, bringing together Italy, Sweden, Germany, Brazil and Russia.

But this is exactly the point we usually drive home at Emerald & Doreen: bringing great new artists together in new ways to create art capable of transforming deep feelings and emotions into sounds and music. In this release, all remixers have contributed their own wavelengths and energy to create new versions of this great song.

The outcome is proof that beauty is found in diversity. Italy’s original electro new wave pioneer Alexander Robotnick sways with a spaced out, chilled dream pop version. Irregular Disco Workers add some severe 80s mood and 90s Acid feel. Copycat fuses a Moroder-esque synth disco arpeggio with My Bloody Valentine-style vocals and guitars to ingeniously please indie and disco lovers at the same time! Theatre of Delays delivers a heartbreaking emo house version that brings you into the fifth dimension. Label-makers go nogo turn Lama into a Stereolab-esque breakbeat beauty with Notwist-like sounds and 90s indie guitars. Mind Movies turn ‘Lama’ into a flipping, winding mechanical breakbeat butterfly, swirling around its own axis, and spinning a beautiful tumbling dance. Sounds of Sputnik add a 70s psychedelic edge to it, infusing this track with electro wonder. The overwhelming feeling you get after listening to all these variants is awe from taking part in such a cool ride! (Press)

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