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Time Hitler and The Assholes from Space: Hot N Ready (2014)

Hot N Ready cover artSon irreverentes, son bizarros, son originales, son descacharrantes, son divertidos… Time Hitler and The Assholes from Space publican su segundo trabajo: Hot N Ready. Un disco en el que, aparentemente, no se alejan demasiado de sus presupuestos iniciales, aunque ellos mismos se encargan de marcar diferencias:

“This album presents a shift–or a lazy shrug– in our sound’s direction, as the length is obviously more concise and pop punk– err, punk pop– when compared to its predecessor. If our last album was “channeling the Velvet Underground of Pavement” and “arty folk/glam rock”, this cut is pure Ramones meets Black Lips, and straight-up Philly fuzz. To smooth out the package, we sent the mixes over to Pat Loundas for mastering at DrexelU’s Mad Dragon Studios (Fun Home, Ted Nguyent, Hundred Acre Woods, Cousin Brian), which didn’t really make it sound better or worse, but more like we might have a brief smattering of an idea of what the fuck we were doing exactly”

Un disco en el que sus temas transcurren entre efluvios de Pavement, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Bardo Pond, Meat Puppets, Violent FemmesNeutral Milk Hotel
Un disco en el que los de Philadelphia han conseguido un sonido algo más maduro (aunque ellos se empeñen en negarlo), y en el que sus cortes tienen una mejor construcción y una estructura más Pop.
Con todo, Hot N Ready tiene todos los ingredientes para epatar a oídos poco acostumbrados a experimentaciones garajeras…

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“Yes, finally the album you haven’t been waiting for– the album that’s all about settling and coming to terms with the fact that life sucks, and then you die– Philadelphia’s Time Hitler and the Assholes from Space took the leap, and settled for “Hot N Ready” which was kind of “good enough” (for a toddler’s ears), so we mostly said “fuck it” and “we’re tired” and decided it was “done.
As our sophomore studio effort, we reluctantly committed this slew (or slur, rather) of shoddy, fucked-up pop hits to 1″ tape, once again returning to West Philly’s Sex Dungeon Studios (Speedy Ortiz, Pile, Gunk, Snoozer, Ugh God, Fat History Month, the Cloth, Dead Tenors)”

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Flyying Colours: Not today (Video-Single, 2014)

Have you seen the new clip for our single “Not Today” yet? It couldn’t get any spacier…


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