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Star Horse: Don´t get closer/100 Eyes (Single, 2014)

La banda sonora perfecta para uno de esos momentos mágicos en los que, inexplicablemente, te asalta una felicidad irresistible: el Dream-Pop eléctrico de los suecos Star Horse llega en ese preciso momento. ¡Aprovéchalo!

“Don’t Get Closer bounces around, which is a word that isn’t used in many dream pop/shoegaze song reviews. When I say bounce, I mean something more like clunking, tapping, clicking, like a masterfully angled minigolf putt.
Its the combination of scratchy clean guitar echoing throughout and the strange brushiness of the snare drum – ever since that fateful snare roll of 1991, noisy, effected music has been defined by it’s mind kicking drums, and it’s refreshing to hear a shoegaze drummer taking from the Slowdive school of things. Beware of the 3:40 mark onwards, for here lies the monsterous snarl of a phaser effected electric bass, eerily rolling in and out of sight like a great sea dragon.
100 Eyes rises and rises, and just when you want it to fall, it rises some more. If there was ever a song to snap you out of a bad LSD freakout in a Vegas hotel bathtub, and you didn’t have your Jefferson Airplane tapes on you,100 Eyes is it. Chanting, wraithlike vocals rock you steadily out of the world of deadlines, word counts and time in general” (

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VV.AA.: Eat my goal (Nub County Records, 2014)

Ya queda poco para el final del Mundial, estamos a una semana de su resolución, pero los británicos no podían dejar pasar una oportunidad como ésta para homenajear al deporte rey. No en vano son sus creadores…

Nub Music have just released a new alternative football song compilation featuring Attila The Stockbroker (Seagulls Ska), Smiley (ex Joe Strummer) and John Peel faves The Pocket Gods – it’s called eat my goal and is out now distribution via The Orchard.

Nub Country Records

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Zaleski/Ugly Zoo: Split (Fleeting Youth Recordings, 2014)

“Ugly Zoo’s Jawbreaker pushes, pulls, and chugs tough as lead singer Sean Patten reminisces about a failed relationship and a rough patch of anxiety-ridden depression. It’s emotional yet cathartic as Patten realizes that, despite the agony of the situation, he’s better now– and better off.

Zaleski’s sludgy plod Where Are We? starts off slow and dreamy while Don Wymer croons about getting lost, and then suddenly explodes into a bout of heavier, more fast-paced fuzz at the halfway mark. It’s signature Zaleski: quiet to loud and back again with the sludge steady and constant” (Press)

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