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The Valery Trails: Buffalo Speedway (2014)

Buffalo Speedway es el nombre de una gran avenida de Houston, donde The Valery Trails, el combo liderado por los hermanos Bower residen desde hace una década. En sus propias palabras, el álbum resume la forma de vivir norteamericana:

“They come from my experiences of living in the U.S. for almost a decade now and also from an epic four-month road trip around the country that I took several years before I ended up living here. We recorded in Australia, and some of the touchstone influences we talked about during the session were some of our all time favorite Aussie bands, but then I brought the tracks but to the U.S. and traveled to Brooklyn for mixing and mastering, so the process really reflected the trans-Pacific nature of the band itself”

Un disco en el que vuelven a reencontrarse con ese Pop de guitarras, ese sonido afilado que les asocia casi en seguida con sonidos noventeros (léase Hüsker Dü) y que hacen de este Buffalo Speedway un disco ameno y más que aprovechable.


“This sophomore album hits it out of the ballpark with its firm grasp of neatly chugging rock that bristles with a wealth of tasty hooks and sparkling harmony. The vocals are smooth and expressive, the arrangements tight and tuneful, and the sharp songwriting once again ably explores a perfectly touching vein of bittersweet reflectivity. This is the type of music that lifts one’s spirits in the most direct and immediate way possible: There’s a straight-on honest sincerity at work that’s impossible not to be moved by. Moreover, this group sure knows how to rock out something stirring when the urge overtakes them, as the super snappy and rousing titular track irrefutably confirms. A lovely little gem.” (Joe Wawrzyniak, Jersey Beat)

13 junio, 2014 - Posted by | The Valery Trails

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