Gingerlys: Summer Cramps (2013)

Summer Cramps cover art

Precioso nombre para un grupo. Preciosa música. Gingerlys son una especie de conglomerado Pop donde caben el Twee, los sonidos de Sarah Records, el C86, el Dream, el Fuzz
Publicaron el pasado año este Summer Cramps, el que creo que es su disco de debut, un precioso caramelo manufacturado con cantidades inmensas de azúcar musical y aderezado con unos teclados preciosos que inciden en un cierto carácter retro particularmente atractivo.

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Firstly, the title-track here touches on the college-rock of the next decade, applying a little more fuzz and steering them towards shoegaze just a little. It’s a total head-rush though, spilling melody as it rushes by at breakneck speed and trailing glitter in its path. A delightful opening. ‘Afterglow’ drops the pace but not the dreaminess. The soft female vocal is both sultry and somewhat ethereal at the same time, and here they again borrow from early ’90s indie and alt-rock, yet you could never describe them as heavy in any way at all; this is a song that floats up to the clouds where it belongs. To complete what is a very fine trio of tunes we then get ‘Better Hearts’ which sticks closest to C86 in the way that the guitars are given more of a hammering, but synths are allowed to join in the fun and it leaves a melodic stream in its wake once more. Pure ear candy” (The Sound of Confusion)


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