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Hillman Lighthouse: Change your mind (Single, 2014)

”I think pure country music includes rock and roll” said Gram Parsons before he rode into the sundown. We couldn’t agree more. Gothenburg Sweden’s Hillman Lighthouse play Power Pop fused with Americana in a southern rock vein – tight as hell, a distinct groove, powerful riffs and vocal harmonies.¨ 
In late autumn of 2013 Hillman went into the studio for four days to record their self-titled debut album in studio Kungsten with producer Mattias Glavå (with the songs recorded through The Bands old mixing console, dayumn!)
Songwriters Anders Nilsson (lead vocals, guitars) and Christian Nordlander (lead guitar), backed up by Love Williamsson (piano), rhythm section Erik Eriksson (bass), Claes Fredholm (percussion) and William Bailey (drums), creates something of their own both on and off stage, thus bringing the tradition further into the 21stcentury.

The seamlines in the band consists mainly of the love of the musical tradition that’s been pouring out of the promised land across the atlantic ocean for the last century and a half, mainly the 1960’s and 1970’s era. But on a deeper level Hillman Lighthouse is the collective dream of one day driving down a highway in the Mojave desert in a Cadillac DeVille inebriated by weeds, whites and wine i.e. going west to find nothing and everything at the same time. Why not” (Press)


4 febrero, 2014 - Posted by | Hillman Lighthouse

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