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Kramies: The wooden heart (Ep, Hidden Shoal Recordings, 2013)

The Wooden Heart cover art

El último trabajo de Kramies está producido por Jason Lytle, y en verdad que ésto se nota. En el aspecto electroacústico de su música, en ese aspecto melancólico del sonido de este Wooden Heart. Esa oscuridad de acordes menores está claramente influenciada por gentes como Slowdive o Mercury Rev. Joyitas como la que da título al disco hacen de éste un disco disfrutable que además tiene el aliciente de tener una estructuración simétrica y una duración justa, ni demasiado extensa ni demasiado breve, riesgo éste que suele aparecer en producciones de este tipo.

“Built on a base dark and melancholic pop, these six songs enjoy a delectable atmospheric character that is reminiscent of the old inspirations of the genre. On the fly, we instantly think of Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse or Slowdive. Kramies moves in the same folk-rock liberator and vocal register, with one exception. Because unlike the three references cited above, his compositions are delicately enamelled electronic textures, handling the organic aspect of his work with shadowy and enigmatic feelings ( The Beginning,  Upon The Northern Isles ). Psychedelic light points on the pieces where Lytle is involved ( Sea Otter Cottage, Clocks Were All Broken ) also recall that wander in a dreamlike music involves some risk taking” (IndiePopRock)

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Lightouts: My My (Audible Treats, Single, 2014)

My My” reminds us what all the fuss is about. A driving bassline anchors guitarist Gavin Rhodes‘s jangly chords, which give way to a tension-building fuzzy riff as the verse pushes forward. The whole band lands together on explosive hits in the chorus as singer Greg Nelson lets forth staccato bursts of impassioned cheer.

Bass player Dean Perry comments on the group’s songwriting process: “Bass-wise, most of my work was actually done ahead of time by Gavin by writing a stellar, catchy line over the main sections of the song. I wanted to contribute from an arrangement standpoint and I think we collectively came to a really well-structured song. Sometimes simplicity is superior” (Press)


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