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A Million Billion Dying Suns: Strawberry (Ep, 2013)

Strawberry EP

Locura. Bendita locura. A lo BJM, así funcionan A Million Billion Dying Suns, una banda liderada por Nate Mercereau. Desde su San Francisco natal, facturan una especie de muro de sonido con ecos psicodélicos. Una bendita locura.

A Million Billion Dying Suns is the project and child of Nate Mercereau, guitarist, singer and principal songwriter. Formed in San Francisco, the band is a transcendental wall of sound that lives up to it’s own name. Band members includeSteve Wyreman (guitar), Josh Lippi (bass),Derek Taylor (drums) and Ben Schwier (keys). Members of the band have performed and recorded with artists across the musical spectrum. Nate Mercereau with Sheila E andChaka Khan and Steve Wyreman with Richard Ashcroft, Lauryn Hill and NO ID. As a band they have backed Darondo, Alice Russell, Wallpaper., and Chuck Prophet. Despite their affiliations, AMBDS chooses to transcend musically through the raging chaos of the infinite universes, channeled through the wailing and ruling of their guitars. This fall, AMBDS is set to release a 3 song EP entitled the Strawberry EP” (Press)

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Sports Guy: Break it off (2013)

Break It Off cover art

Sports Guy son una banda novel que acaban de editar su primer trabajo en Bandcamp. Son uno de esos combos con ciertas urgencias. Ungidos con ese halo “neoyorquino”. Tienen un cierto aire tanto a Television como a The Strokes. Sonidos a medio camino, ni muy sucios ni muy limpios, letras ingeniosas y un buen recorrido por delante.

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