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Resistor: Vincent van Gogh (Single, 2013)

Vincent van Gogh es una preciosa canción Pop arropada con caramelos en forma de sintetizadores y juguetitos electrónicos. Un precioso single muy al estilo de The Boy Least Likely To que Resistor (sus artífices) nos ofrecen como adelanto de su álbum, que se llamará First World Problems, que aparecerá en 2014.

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Uma: Vanity (Seayou Records, Single, 2013)

UMA - VANITY cover art

Día de post-celebración. Día de Electrónica (sí, Electrónica) en The JangleBox.

“Vanity is the new single by married duo UMA who entered the stage rather successfully with last year’s Silver Apples collabo Drop Your Soul. Vanity is the bleak herald to an album to come in 2014. It is testament to the work/love relationship of wife and husband, the difficult task of both being married and making music together. The track was recorded on analogue equipment (synth, drum machine, guitar) to an analogue 16 track tape recorder (13 tracks technically, 3 broken) in the band’s home studio which is actually the entirety of their apartment. They insulated the bathroom to record vocals and built their own loft bed to make space for a recording chamber for instruments”


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