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Winter Warmer Split Single: The Sudden Death of Stars/Beat Mark Christmas 2013 Single

Christmas comes but once a year which is why we’ve given you two festive tracks in one single, by two bands we’ve been working with this year.  We’re giving you two down to earth independent crown heights songs:

A. The Sudden of Stars ‘What is Winter Good For?’ “Brittany has a temperate oceanic climate. The weather in this region makes it too mild for snow to fall, and that is why we often wish for the snowman to come.

AA. Beat Mark Christmas Blossom’ “A Christmas track that follows in the steps of the great tradition of 60s Christmas songs with sleighbells and naïve melodies with voices together on the chorus, like a choir.”

Ample Play Records

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Snowflakes Christmas Singles – The A-sides (Christmas, 2013)

Snowflakes Christmas Singles

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The Walla Recovery: A Star, A Star, Vol.5 (Christmas Single, 2013)

A Star, a Star - Vol. 5 cover art

Since 2009 we’ve been recording a holiday song or two every year as a present for you. This year we crafted Go Tell It on the Mountain and We Three Kings with great joy in hopes it would somehow be contagious. Go ahead and download all 9 songs from A Star, a Star (Vols. 1-5) now and then have a very merry Christmas, please. We do love you so, and we’re not the only ones.

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