Beached Out/The Reference Desk: You´re getting close, Split 7″ (2013)

Tiny War cover art

Pop surfero y grabación a baja fidelidad, sonidos briosos y frescos. Single compartido entre Beached Out (Kingston, Ontario) y The Reference Desk (Halifax).

One half surf-pop and one half angular guitar, Beached Out are singing you love songs from the underground. Originally from Halifax, this husband-wife duo spent the last two years on the road before setting roots in Kingston, Ontario. Jeff (Guitar, Vocals) and Anne Parker (Drums, Vocals) pride themselves in short, sweet songs that are rife with hooks and a dynamic live show. The You’re Getting Close split 7”, released with their comrades The Reference Desk, features two self-recorded gems that showcase the band’s reverb-drenched guitar, delicious harmonies, and longing for the ocean.
The Reference Desk began in early 2012 as a two-piece, drums-and-guitar outfit. Longtime Halifax bassists Andrew Glencross (Neuseiland, The Lodge, Psychic Fair) and Kristina Parlee (The Maynards, Homo Duplex) decided to hang up their usual axes as a way of exploring new sonic terrain. Simple, loud, and catchy became their songwriting mission statement. A brief visit to the legendary Echo Chamber in December 2012 saw them commit to tape what would become the peppy three-trackNorwich Cave EP. Numerous live shows around Halifax quickly followed. Despite the EP’s positive reception — charting well at CKDU and CJSW — the two bass players soon realized that the one thing they were missing was a bass. Enter drummer Meg Yoshida (Bad Vibrations), who happened to be looking for a new challenge as well, and The Reference Desk became a fully formed power trio. Hear their new sound on the You’re Getting Close split 7”, along with like-minded pals Beached Out” (Press)


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