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White Lodge: Holy void (Ep, 2013)

Holy Void [EP] cover art

White Lodge son una banda australiana deudora del mejor legado de The Cramps, los grupos de Rock garajero de los sesenta, de cierta onda psicodélica… incluso admiten sentir alguna pasión por los sonidos de Morricone.
Espíritu que repentinamente se transforma en el último corte del disco (Corduroy clouds) en un tema absolutamente distinto al resto, en el que la banda se adapta a lo que llamamos Dream-Pop, nos deja absolutamente descolocados al final del álbum, y debo admitir que es mi tema preferido del mismo.

White Lodge obviously have a massive yen for the musical heritage they elect to re-enact across the six tracks of their ‘Holy Void’ EP – from The Cramps to The Ramones to Morricone – but unfortunately they have very little to add to it. 
There are a number of genuinely charming moments – the frantically hormonal guitar kicking in at the 1.35 mark of ‘Teenage Fever Dream’ is pure bliss – but for the most part the EP is a phone-in, opting to ride on the momentum of the members’ record collections rather than push it somewhere riskier.
All this to the point at which the pervasive pop-culture awareness – the references to Lynch, spaghetti westerns, etc. – becomes less suggestive of a chronic imagination deficit than of beginners’ enthusiasm: not something to put down out of hand.
As such, ‘Holy Void’ is worth the name-your-price download []. It is, however, strongly suggested that any serious dollars be saved for the day White Lodge put together a release greater than the sum of its parts” (

Descarga legal, pon el precio-Legal download, name the price

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