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Hector and The Leaves: Problems (Ep, 2013)

Problems cover art

Hector and The Leaves es el nombre que recibe el proyecto musical de Tom Hector, un chico británico enamorado de los sonidos de los sesenta. Sonidos amables que se reflejan en su música. Canciones bellas, que fluyen armoniosamente enmedio de juegos de arpegios, de sonidos limpios, de melodías simples y efectivas.
En su catálogo de influencias cita a McCartney, a The Beach Boys, a Elliot Smith, a Simon and Garfunkel… ¿Podrías tener una mejor colección de citas sonoras para bautizar un Ep como este Problems…?
Lo cierto es que su Ep suena muy bien, tonalidades de Folk-Rock, canciones bellas de una media de tres minutos que sin duda te dejarán con un grato sabor de boca y desde luego, con ganas de más.

Brighton‘s Tom Hector likes the past. If, like him, The Beach Boys (or maybe just the Beach Boy, given the lack of harmonising vocals) or Elliot Smith had recorded in Lewes a place that, according to Hector himself is ‘ a really funny old town with lots of ghosts and ruins, the people are all a bit odd’ instead of somewhere either cool (Smith) or near the beach (boys) they might have sounded like Tom Hectors band, Hector and the Leaves.
Hector spent the summer in his garden composing the songs that make up his three track ep. A combination of his introduction to Paul McCartneys solo work, his general love of all things Elliot Smith / Beach Boys and the chance to record in an old chapel complete with spooky moments have made this ep packed full of lovely melodies, this sort of warm nostalgia, and just spiced up with a bit of echoey melancholy
Opener Problems has this piano hook that most songwriters would kill for and it just leads into this three minutes of delightful pop music. Yeah his influences are watching over his shoulder (that ghostly presence maybe) but they must have improved.
Goodbye nearly matches the heights, swollen as it is with humalong melodies, and just this summer evening feel out well, in your garden I suppose with the song like a little gentle breeze over your ears. I’ll be leaving (soon) steps it up, but only very slightly the organs giving it this sort of almost Squeeze like quality, although clearly Squeeze at their least punchy.
Problems, if anything is an ep which allows your problems to fade away into the dusk. It allows you that space to lie back and think of the past. And who doesn’t like a good reminisce once in a while…” (Back Seat Mafia)

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