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Comet Gain: Avenue girls (Wiaiwya, Single, 2013)

El último single de los veteranos Comet Gain nos llega de la mano del sello Wiaiwya (Where It´s At Is Where You Are). Un animoso corte de Pop refrescante y energético. Pura delicia para oídos acostumbrados al edulcorante natural, manufacturado de guitarras y teclados sesenteros. Pura diversión.

COMET GAIN find inspiration as much in the music of girl-group pop, heartfelt Americana, British post-punk, and 60s psychedelia, as in the words and images of the beat poets and in the cinema of both the British and French new-wave of the late 50 and early 60s. From Goffin and King, the Modern Lovers, the Seeds, Dylan, the Impressions, Big Star, Julian Cope, and the Flying Nun and Creation labels, to Kerouac, Pynchon, Shelagh Delaney, and Truffaut.
The current line up comprises David Charlie Feck (vocals, guitar), Rachel Evans (vocals), James Hornsey from the Clientele (bass), ex-Morrissey/The Meteors drummer Woodie Taylor (percussion), Anne Laure Guillain (keyboards), and Ben Phillipson of The Eighteenth Day Of May (guitar).
Only 77 copies of Avenue Girls are available individually – the rest are for subscribers to the wiaiwya-7777777 singles club – and they are selling super fast!” (Press)

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The Steinbecks: At Arkaroo Rock (Matinée Recordings, 2013)

At Arkaroo Rock 7" EP

El retorno de los veteranos australianos The Steinbecks se produce con Matinée Recordings, ese sencillo titulado At Arkaroo Rock, un precioso tema de Jangle-Pop algo lascivo y tenue.
Lo acompañan dos temas extra: la acústica All desires known y la más festiva pero no menos popera Cabin fever. Un regreso que seguro promete una continuación más extensa en forma de álbum.

A very welcome return for legendary Australian band The Steinbecks!
Their first release since the ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’ album in 2007 and first 7” since classics recorded for Summershine Records and Drive In Records in the 1990s, The Steinbecks’ new single ‘At Arkaroo Rock’ draws inspiration from ancient cave paintings at Australian indigenous cultural site Arkaroo Rock. The song links the layers of a landscape’s history with the layers of a relationship—a theme familiar to fans of the band through songs like ‘Geology’ (1994), ‘The Lighthouse Act’ (1998), and ‘Bye Bye Baby’ (2007).
Musically, ‘At Arkaroo Rock’ is lush and lovely—an oasis in a dry land. Myriad Marresque guitars riff, chime and jangle over a rock solid rhythm, with percussive flourishes adding a flair that will warm the hearts of Style Council, Aztec Camera, and Belle & Sebastian fans. The single version of ‘At Arkaroo Rock’ is a 4-minute radio edit; a longer version will appear on the forthcoming Steinbecks album, ‘Kick to kick with The Steinbecks’.
The single is backed by two exclusive tracks. ‘All Desires Known’ is arguably Josh and Joel Meadows’ most fragile, stripped back recorded moment since ‘Yr Jacket’ (1994), the last song they recorded as The Sugargliders. In contrast ‘Cabin Fever’ is an energetic ode to earthy love, reminiscent of The Monochrome Set, Tenpole Tudor and The Brilliant Corners” (Matinée Recordngs)

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