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The Tranq: Dissident (Single, 2013)

THE TRANQ | "Dissident" (2013)

Los suecos The Tranq acaban nuevo material sonoro, en este caso con cierta carga política implícita en su contenido. Se trata del segundo sencillo extraído de su álbum Loss is for the masses, que aparecerá el próximo 18 de septiembre y del que te dejo un enlace para que puedas escuchar online.

”Dissident”, raises questions of the shallowness that continues to evolve around us. We live in a society that in many ways is anti political. Short scale thinking and egocentrism is over shadowing long term plans and solidarity. This is a progression that must be turned around. Politics should be a tool for making changes for the better – more equality and a strong welfare for the citizens of every society. What we see now is economics taking over society, which in turn drives people ever further away from the political life. Politics are not entertainment – politics are the will to make a change!” (Press)

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Honeymilk: Light entertainment (Eat Your Greens, Single, 2013)

Honeymilk es una de las bandas suecas que mayor proyección rockistas presentan en la variopinta escena musical nórdica. Están en la órbita de Birds Will Sing for You y éste es su último sencillo.

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