The Boys Age: Fake gold (Gnar Tapes, 2013)

Fake Gold cover artPop japonés para abrir el día en TJB. Como bien dicen en la nota de prensa, algo así como un cruce entre Magnetic Fields, Beat Happening y The Pixies. (Personalmente creo que se les va un poco la mano con la comparación…)

Gnar Tapes and Burger Records have teamed up once again to offer up another heavenly slice of delicious weirdo pop! This time we are pleased to offer you a Japanese duo so uniquely weird and cute that you won’t know what to do with yourself. Combining a full palette of strange and tasty pop, rock, psych, and twee elements with the bizarre and entrancing accent of singer / multi-instrumentalist Kaznary Mutoh, The Boys Age of Saitama, Japan are truly something unlike anything we’ve heard before. “Fake Gold” is a full, full, full length album; a long player with as varied of sounds as you’d find anywhere. Think Magnetic Fields meets The Pixies meets Beat Happening. Then think of Japan and the two Japanese boys responsible for the strangely catchy and hauntingly beautiful music of The Boys Age. Keep your Summer wild.  (Tracks: Painful Twilight Pt. 2, Fake Gold Pt. 1, Wolderful Life, I Wish For God’s Sake, It’s Alright, Gigantic Stamp, Grotesque (Dear Mutual Surveillance Society), Big Wave Coming, Viva La Destiny, Maybe, Will Mind, All Forms Of Life Is DEN DEN, Black Sekka, Mirror Lake, Seabirds Only Knows, The Answer Is There, Painful Twilight Pt. 3 Fake Gold Pt. 3, Show Is Over)” (Press)

Gnar Tapes


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