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Glanko: Telekommand (2013)

Como os he comentado en infinidad de ocasiones, no tengo ninguna idea sobre música electrónica o similares. Me encanta y me halaga que me lleguen propuestas sonoras al correo (, pero siempre tengo que pedir perdón cuando se trata de música electrónica, pues mi desconocimiento es total, por lo que recurro a opiniones ajenas.

Telekommand EP cover art

Es el caso de Glanko, el proyecto de Giuseppe Fallacara, un músico italiano experto en estas lides de sonoridades electrónicas, Su sonido no es en absoluto danzable ni tiene que ver con el Electro-Pop, sino más bien con la música más experimental e incluso con la cinemática (9003 w/Mote).

Glanko, classified as IDM (short for intelligent dance music) did not gain my interest with the genre title. I very rarely enjoy dance music. With the track 9003 (/w mote) on my Facebook wall by Pollux I thought I need to give it a listen. Boy was I surprised; 9003 sounds like it is from a movie, assessing melancholic violins and orchestrations in a mellow ambient and rather organic atmosphere. A thrilling neoclassical track, but nothing like the rest of the album.
Purely electronics driven; first half of constantly glitching; wonderously mystical Maikurofomu CC walks a tightrope and slips off balance only to regain it with a somersault.
Second track Telekommand A has probably the best hook of the album, with the bass line at 2.50, peaking already at 2.55 to the sudden glitching bassdrop. Many times have I found myself humming this bassline, along with the bassdrop after listening this EP. It is a shame, in reality the best hook of the album, is never repeated. But the strong bassline stays there for quite a while and mildly changes form constantly. As if there is one thing that Glanko’s Telekommand lacks it is memorable melodies and hooks. Telekommand is a very enticing entity but it doesn’t have jaw-droppers except a few individual moments and the fourth track, 9003 (w/ Mote). When 9003 (w/ Mote) is pure 10/10 material the rest of the album fades into 8/10 territory.
It doesn’t mean it is not a strong very original entity with a high base level. The mystical atmosphere stays intact; melodies and mixtures of sounds I’ve never heard anywhere else. There are a lot of stuff happening beyond the surface. Kudos to the artist for not overpeaking the tracks and allowing an extreme volumedose!” (Narrow Minded Metalhead Reviews Experimental Music)

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11 agosto, 2013 - Posted by | Glanko

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