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Girl One and The Grease Guns: Jessica-6 (Squirrel Records, Single, 2013)

Girl One And The Grease Guns SQRL35 Jessica 6 / Bring On The Dancing Horse Meat

Tras aquel Driving without headlights (TJB, Abril 2013), Squirrel Records nos presenta el que es el nuevo sencillo de Girl One and The Grease Guns: Jessica-6, otro bonito corte mezcla entre el mejor Electropop (vía Human League, por qué no) y las melodías vocales propias de gente tan dispar como por ejemplo The Jesus and Mary Chain.
Lo cierto es que el tema es incontestable, y su belleza absolutamente sin par. Los teclados y los adornos accesorios sólo colaboran a mejorarla.
In April this year, Squirrel Records released the debut 7″ from Girl One And The Grease Guns. It went on to be one of the fastest selling 7″s we’ve ever unleashed on the world. Now, this mysterious collective deliver their follow-up… another 7″ release which continues the electro pop approach of the previous single… but this one is even better.
Jessica 6 is 3 minutes of pure pop. Sounding something like The Human League in places, but with a vocal melody reminiscent of The Jesus And Mary Chain, it gets straight to the point and, like all great pop songs, doesn’t hang around for too long. 
Flip the single over, however, and you get the brilliantly titled Bring On The Dancing Horse Meat (Ian McCulloch would be so proud…maybe) which is a twisting, turning nugget of pop weirdness. Strange keyboard sounds, pulsing bass, trebly one chord Stereolab style guitar, slightly unhinged sounding vocals – it starts one way and ends completely differently, stretching itself out over 4 minutes and coming across like… well, we’ll let you make the comparisons for yourselves on this one. Recorded on a damp and dreary cold Spring day out to one of their favourite crumbling old brick buildings within The Ghost Town, and then delivered straight to us at Squirrel Records. With a full album on the way later this year, Girl One And The Grease Guns are shaping up to be one of the most interesting combos out there at the moment” (Squirrel Records)
Os dejo con su vídeoclip y el enlace a Facebook, para que conozcáis más sobre ellos.

Facebook / Squirrel Records

24 julio, 2013 - Posted by | Girl One and The Grease Guns

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