Peopling: Bulbout (2013)

BULBOUT cover artCaótica, inestable, agitadora, bizarra, vanguardista… la música de Peopling puede ser de todo menos convencional. Partiendo de unas premisas experimentales y absolutamente deconstructivas, Bulbout se configura como el segundo trabajo de Ronnie Gonzalez, un personaje neoyorquino absolutamente al margen de las reglas convencionales del juego.
Puedes echarle un oído a su música acercándote a su Bandcamp y poniendo el precio que consideres oportuno.

Coinciding perfectly with my latest industrial phase, Ronnie from Peopling hit me up with some of his latest tunes.  Visited his music a while back in the form of his S/T CD EP and was blown away back then, so finding out he had released some more, was a pleasant surprise. As of right now this one is just digital, you can hear it (and the other stylings) at his Bandcamp. Word from Ronnie though, is that this will be released as a 7″ when $$$ and time permit.  You can also find Peopling at Facebook,Twitter and a Myspace. The tags on Bandcamp include “experimental”, “industrial”, and “noise”, which of course is accurate.  This guy at Droning Earth didn’t dig it but he has every right to be fucking wrong…hahaha. Just kidding (sort of), this music is not for everyone, not so much like a song as as a speech, no verse/chorus here. The energy is cool, kind of edgy and agitated, chaotic yet somewhat rhythmic.  There’s variety in the sameness of it all.  Hands down the best tune for me is the one below, but go to the Bandcamp to give all their stuff a listen…” (Mustard Relics)



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