Ummagma/Virta: Split Single (Som Non Label, 2013)

Split Ep cover art

Los paisajes Dream-Pop del dúo ucranio-canadiense Ummagma se dan cita con el virtuosismo Cinemático-Jazzístico del trío finés Virta en este single compartido y recientemente editado por la etiqueta Som Non Label.
En realidad, las dos bandas tienen muchos aspectos en común: un gusto por el remanso musical calmado (Tales from the deep waters-Virta; Back to you-Ummagma -tremenda canción-). Una afinidad por la experimentación y la ampliación de estilos (Traffic-Virta; River town-Ummagma). Y el registrar su música con sus propios medios, apostando por la autoedición y por hacérselo ellos mismos.
Y en verdad, resulta complicado etiquetar a ambas bandas. Antes hacíamos referencia al gusto por la experimentación y la exploración musical. ¿Dream-Pop, Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Post-Folk…? Todo cabe y (casi) todo se puede registrar en la mochila musical de Ummagma. Según nos contó la propia Shauna (50% de Ummagma):

We are pleased to be on the same EP as Virta because, not only are they a dynamic band with sounds reminiscent of many of the bands we love, but they also make a potent cocktail with original colour

Puedes (y debes) escucharlo, compartirlo y descargarlo desde la página Bandcamp que acompaño.


Ummagma – a Canadian/Ukrainian dreampop indie rock duo, who won the Alternative Eurovision on Britain’s Amazing Radio this month, representing Ukraine amongst 21 countries – has released a new Split EP with Virta, a Finnish indie trio combining textures of Scandinavian jazz and post-rock with avant-garde sensibilities – something like a mix of Tortoise, Miles Davis, King Crimson and Sigur Ros. The new EP, which includes two songs from each of the bands, was released by Italy’s Som Non-Label – all tracks may be streamed/embedded from Soundcloud and Bandcamp
The Ummagma / Virta Split EP comes on the trail of Ummagma’s debut LPs “Antigravity” and“Ummagma” in July and Virta’s debut album “Tales from the Deep Waters”, released in November. In Ummagma – Shauna McLarnon is on vocals, while Alexander Kretov plays all other instruments. In Virta – Heikki Selamo is on guitar and effects,
Erik Heikkinen is on drums and percussion, while Antti Hevosmaa covers trumpet and vocals. Both bands are totally DIY in their approach to arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering, video production and promotion.
Considering that Ummagma is often associated with dreampop, shoegaze and postrock, this split EP introduces tracks with more of a folkrock jazzy ambience. It would otherwise seem that the two bands featured on this Split EP are very different. However, thanks to the flexibility and cross-genre aspect of both of these bands, not to mention the creative minds that have brought this to fruition, this odd couple ultimately make a perfectly seamless match. Ummagma are making waves across the globe with their deep textured soundscapes, mesmerising vocals and beats, making for a rewarding listen” (Press Release)


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