Dutch Barn: Lighter later (2013)

Lighter Later cover art

Dutch Barn son un quinteto londinense que bebe de varias influencias. En su música, los chicos abren las puertas de este Granero Holandés (me encanta su nombre) tanto al Folk más añejo tradición Fairport Convention o su “evolución” Fleetwood Mac (nunca he sido devoto de FM), como a influencias más contemporáneas, vía Mojave 3, Eighteenth Day of May,  o Mumford & Sons. Todo ello aderezándolo con agradables ecos del Fuzz-Pop más suave. Una mezcla absolutamente deliciosa. que hacen que su música sea bastante agradable y fácil de digerir. Sus sonidos tienen esa mezcla de delicadeza y sutilidad que hacen que se acerque a nuestros oídos con indudable atractivo.
Come down, Didn´t suit me anyway, From the ground up, Lighter later, Soft landing… son canciones que a buen seguro vas a disfrutar si te acercas a este álbum de debut de los británicos.


Dutch Barn are a five-person alternative band from Britain, who were formed from the embers of folk group, ‘Little Ray.’ While the band still hold true to their roots, new members added a harder alternative edge, to offer Dutch Barn a far more rock-related sound than the previous group.

With the feel of vintage, reverb-laden, indie rock, all colored by their folk-music roots, Dutch Barn have prepared their debut album, ‘Lighter Later.’

‘Didn’t Suit Me Anyway’ opens the ten-track album and serves as an introduction to the band’s development, as the strongly folk-tinted opening is accented by harder alternative-rock  edges. This then breaks into the brisk, up-tempo, ‘From The Ground Up,’ before ‘Come Down’ brings a strong backing beat and driving guitar riff to underpin the airy vocals.
The band have been compared to Dinosaur Jr. in the past, and there is a definite similarity with the jangly guitars and alternative edges. However, there are also other influences writ large on Dutch Barn’s music, such as the more psychedelic touches of an early ’70s Fleetwood Mac, and even the swirling guitar sounds of vintage Stone Roses. Indeed, it is the bringing together of these disparate elements that help this fivesome stand out from the crowd.
‘Anything You Want’ is a gently poetic and almost dreamy indie number that once-again draws on the band’s folk-music roots, before the harder rock feel breaks through. ‘Fire’ offers a genuine slice of vintage indie music that will no doubt please old-school alternative fans, as well as capturing the hearts of younger fans, before the relaxed nature of the title track offers a beautiful mid-tempo swing. ‘Soft Landing’ sounds like the theme to sunny summer days, with the drifting vocals and sweeping lead guitar being driven along by the foot-tapping rhythm section.
Everglades Parts 1 and 2 continue to deliver with a vintage rock appeal, which comes like a mixture of Neil Young, Teenage Fanclub, and The Small Faces; all wrapped up with a touch of Sonic Youth. The album finishes with real grace, courtesy of the delicately delivered, emotive-yet-metronomic, indie foot-tapper, ‘Heart in the Middle.’
Already picking up admirers and getting national airplay on UK radio, Dutch Barn manage to produce music that is at-once reassuringly familiar and also fresh. By drawing their influences together under one wing, the band have developed something that is far bigger than the sum of its parts, and ‘Lighter Later’ certainly delivers on the band’s promise. The production manages to maintain a balance between being delicately poised and having a harder, fuzzy alternative-rock  feel.
A perfect album for lovers of warmly uplifting, reverb-heavy alternative indie-rock. Pick this one up now, and expect it to be a huge part of your summer and beyond… ‘Lighter Later’ is simply superb” (Pop Culturez)

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