Gnar FM: Gnar Tapes Compilation#3 (2013)

Gnar Tapes Compilation #3: GNAR FM cover art

Follow your hosts DJ Free Weed and DJ Unkle Funkle as they jockey hit after hit of Gnar Tapes all-star magic! Featuring many of your Gnarnia favorites, as well as a few surprises and special guests along the way! 29 bands and almost an hour and a half of Gnar FM radio glory!

Honeybucket – Dumpster Dive (Portland, OR)
The Memories – In Your Bed (Portland, OR) 
Melted Toys – Water Arches (San Francisco, CA) 
Fatal Jamz – Beauty Mark (Los Angeles, CA) 
Warm – Cockroach (Gabe Fulmivar of Gap Dream) (Fullerton, CA) 
Jovontaes – Cherry Bomb (Lexington, KY)
Blanche Blanche Blanche – Stay Home (Brattleboro, VT)
Pop Zeus – The Longer I Wait (Brooklyn, NY) 
Jib Kidder – I Never Knew (New York, NY) 
Street Gnar – It Came In (Lexington, KY) 
The Boys Age – I Wish For God’s Sake (Saitama, Japan) 
Free Weed – Hamburger Hop (Portland, OR) 
Punks On Mars – People Talk (Brooklyn, NY) 
Fat Tony – Hood Party (ft. Kool A.D. of Das Racist and Despot) (Houston, TX) 

Sick Sad World – Alone All The Time (Olympia, WA) 
Dumb – Live Fast Die Dumb (Austin, TX) 
White Fang – Pass Me The Gumfo (Portland, OR) 
Nude Sunrise – Cool Tattoo (Chicago, IL) 
The Future Dead – Let’s Sit In The Sun (Ghent, Belgium) 
Jerry Rogers – Bamboo Pan Flute (Portland, OR) 
Totally You – Just The Other Day (Portland, OR) 
Love Cop – Hang Out (Of Yr Underwear) (Portland, OR) 
Emotional – Emotional Man (Portland, OR) 
Snow Wite – Corner Of My Eye (Los Angeles, CA) 
Trailblazer – Women (Lexington, KY) 
Gelatin Kids – Jake (Chicago, IL) 
Alex Bleeker (of Real Estate) – How Might I Live (Brooklyn, NY) 
DJMRTHEBEST – Never Grow Old (Lexington, KY) 
The NO!SE (Sean Bohrman & Lee Noise, Founders BURGER RECORDS) – Lookin’ For Some Pussy (Fullerton, CA)



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