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Slowness: For those who wish to see the glass half full (Blue Aurora, 2013)


Belleza y mezcolanza

Escuchando los primeros acordes de Day for night, el primer corte de For those who wish to see the glass half full (2013), el segundo trabajo (y primer largo) de Slowness, uno se da cuenta inmediatamente de que aquí huele a disco grande. A uno de esos trabajos que te impresionan desde el primer momento, de esos que te enganchan con esa variedad de melodías, de arreglos sencillos y efectivos, de voces trabajadas, y de canciones redondas. Es un álbum corto, con ocho temas, pero de los que no podría descartar ninguno. Una colección impresionante de canciones que son, a su vez, reflejo de sonoridades que en seguida reconocemos, pero que aparecen convenientemente mixturadas.
En For those who…, Slowness se distancia algo de la huella Shoegazer más identificable en su primer trabajo: Hopeless but otherwise (TJB, Mayo 2011); pero en cambio encontraremos muchas huellas sonoras. Desde el Jangle-Pop vía Rem de Energy, a la huella de más clara de Ride identificable en Race to Mars o en la majestuosa Calm & dispel. El Space-Rock de Repeater al Indie de Wired o Walls of blue. La impresión más Shoegaze-Drone la podremos encontrar en Day for night, el corte que inaugura el álbum.
Como dije, For those who… es un disco sin desperdicio, donde nada falta ni sobra (bueno, igual nos faltan más canciones…) Slowness consigue facturar una obra coherente y unitaria con una producción justa (Monte Vallier –Weekend, The Soft Moon-; Kramer –Low, Galaxie 500, Bongwater-), sin alardes pero tremendamente efectiva y brillante. Un disco donde la belleza se impone a los fuegos de artificio y donde esa mezcolanza de estilos conocidos hace que en seguida nos encontremos reconfortados con la música de este trío de San Francisco. Como probablemente dijo alguien, la belleza quizás radique en las cosas más sencillas…


“February 2013 has us anticipating the debut LP release from San Francisco’sSlowness, “For Those Who Wish to See the Glass Half Full,” set for official release on 2/14, though pre-orders are being sent out as early as today! The eight tracks of shoegazer-tailored dream pop is a follow up to 2011′s “Hopeless But Otherwise” EP. Much like their partners-in-crimeDead Leaf EchoSlowness tediously took their time (spanning over a couple years) to put all the pieces together in terms of ideas for songwriting and performing, so as to ensure the quality of their first full-length was totally up to their standards. And you can tell in every subtle detail that this album has been tended to with an attitude of intent [for vinyl], striving to aurally illustrate a masterpiece of interwoven auras blending into a surreal collage of sounds.
The quintet achieve this aesthetic with the gaze of reverberating, jangly and fuzzily distorted guitars; a warm and smooth bass sound that seems to ride on the surface of the sound like the slick groove of a rock skipping on a lake; brooding, yet dreamesque male and female vocal harmonies ethereally floating in the mix; and the propelling pulse of a tight drum kit, dually serving as the anchor in the intricately heady wall-of-sound. Slowness is not just a band of musicians, they are audio engineers– as much scientists as they are artists– dialing into the perfect settings on their blanket of pedals to realize such a distinct, yet familiar sound. The drone pop swells are easily ear candy enough to lull you into a psychedelic daydream. And to witness the vinyl experience would only infuse the already pleasantly ambient vibrations with a warm, analog flavor, no doubt coaxing goosebumps down our spine and a buzzing euphoria within our soul.
Slowness also collaborated with collaboration with G.Diesel, J.Marten, and Alex Jorgenson to produce artistic and visually stimulating music videos to compliment six out of the eight songs off of the LP. The playlist of all six videos is linked above and is one of the only ways to preview most of the new songs while you wait for your wax to be shipped over, so enjoy and spread the word:Slowness has got a new record!” (

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15 marzo, 2013 - Posted by | Slowness

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