Lotus Plaza: Spooky action at a distance (Kranky, 2012)

Flying high

Resultará complicado para Lockett Pundt que cada vez que se hable de su banda, Lotus Plaza, las comparaciones o enjuiciamientos con Deerhunter sean inevitables. Lo cierto es que es algo lastimoso, ya que Lotus Plaza ha conseguido con este Spooky action at a distance (2012) que Lotus Plaza sea considerada como un ente autónomo y como una banda absolutamente independiente de aquella. ¿Funcionaría igual sin Deerhunter? Nunca lo sabremos, pero lo cierto es que la otra mitad creativa del grupo de Atlanta facturó el año pasado un disco absolutamente enorme, de esos que tienen el encanto del Pop de guitarras al que Pundt es tan aficionado. Su música podría divagar minutos y minutos con esos riffs interminables y con esos fraseos antológicos (Strangers, White galactic ones, Remember our days); además de poseer la sensibilidad de géneros como el Shoegaze (Monoliths, Jet out of the thundra) o el Pop más ensoñador (Out of touch, Dusty rhodes, Eveningness).
Leía en Jeneseaispop que Pundt tenía espíritu y vocación de astrofísico. Lo cierto es que la música de Lotus Plaza se eleva hasta cotas muy muy altas llevándonos a todos los que la escuchasmos con ella, y además ha conseguido, como dije anteriormente, convertirse en ese ente autónomo, independiente de Deerhunter, y merecería que habláramos del grupo de Lockett Pundt como lo que es: una gran banda Pop que nada tiene que ver con la de Bradford Cox. ¿O sí…?


“Lest it seem like Spooky Action is an overly subtle work, it’s worth reiterating that its 44 minutes are unerringly tuneful and immediate, the sort of thing that seems unambitious until you step back and ask yourself just how many records out there manage to actually pull it off. And Pundt’s means of cranking out one instantly memorable chorus after another brings to mind someone who’s incredibly good at sports wagering: there’s surely some intuition and luck involved, but Pundt’s a guy who’s figured out how certain mismatches and trends work to his advantage. To get specific: the hyperextended guitar bends that push “White Galactic One” are technically a slight bit off, yet it’s that serration that demonstrates why things like these are called “hooks.” Where a specific minor chord might be more harmonically congruent, Pundt inserts a major and the result finds “Monoliths” and “Strangers” stocked with ear-turning melodies as opposed to folky familiarity. Heck, it’s likely the greatest testament to Pundt’s abilities that Spooky Action is in a major key and dedicated to simple pleasures of escape and memory more often than your typical “power-pop” record, and yet it always comes off as warm and generous rather than cloying.
And so while Lotus Plaza is truly a solo project for Pundt, I hear more purposeful solitude than isolation– like reading a book or swimming laps, “antisocial” with all the pejorative connotations removed. Maybe I’m reading too much into things, but in light of Deerhunter’s notoriously volatile personnel dynamic preceding Halcyon Digest, it’s tempting to hear Lotus Plaza as Pundt’s platonic ideal for a band, where people are as predictable and helpful as loops and are united in their pursuit of the kind of reverberant pop music that makes perfect sense for the times you most enjoy getting caught up in your own thoughts. It’s a common ambition for artists to capture the music that plays out in their head and if Spooky Action is really what Pundt’s hearing, you can’t really blame him for looking so lost within himself all the time” (pitchfork.com)

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