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Times New Viking: Over and over (Ep, 2012)

Disonancias Ruidosas

Con sus habituales urgencias a la hora de entender y facturar su música, Times New Viking, se presentaron en este 2012 con un Ep bajo el brazo, registrado para Siltbreeze, la compañía para la que publicaron allá por 2005 su debut. Su concepto no ha variado mucho en estos siete años: amor por el Lo-Fi, querencia hacia el Pop-Punk y las disonancias y por un repertorio distorsionado. Abandonan algo el tono más popero adoptado en su álbum para acercarse a la disonancia ruidosa de cortes como Future with girls, Middle class drags o Y2K2, aunque su tono más amable permanece en Telephone wires o Sleep-in. Un buen disco de transición temporal.


“Over & Over keeps its stakes on the manageable side, short, and loose, and profoundly uninterested in any kind of statement-making. But that whiff of modesty, coupled with their return to a label better suited to their ambitions, is sort of a statement in and of itself. You’re either in or out with Times New Viking; they’re too obstinate, too sadistic, the smart-dumb shit they talk in their lyrics too obtuse (and obscured by static) to not trying most people’s patience. Which means they’re far better off making slight but satisfying records like Over & Over for few obsessives than they are trying to figure out how the hell to get their uncompromising music over to a bigger crowd. For another band, Over & Over’s outright refusal to go for the gusto might represent a kind of defeat. For these guys, it feels like a sorely needed restart. Let those other bands chase their audiences; if you need Times New Viking, you know where to find them” (

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6 febrero, 2013 - Posted by | Times New Viking

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