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I Wolf: Let it go (Ep, 2012)

I WOLF - LET IT GO cover art

Como sabréis casi todos, mi desconocimiento sobre música electrónica es atroz, aunque de vez en cuando en TJB nos descolgamos con alguna que otra pinceladita del género, en especial cuando los temas son como este Let it Go, sobre el que versan las cinco remixes del Ep, canciones tan directas y potentes que no podamos resistirnos a, por ejemplo, la versión de Flesh & Blood. Os dejo con las palabras de su discográfica, Seayou Records:

“The wolf is back! Wolfgang Schloegl awakes his solo-music project I-Wolf from an almost 10 year long hibernation. Having worked on other ventures such as the renowned Sofa Surfers or different art-, theatre- and music-projects (Faraday OrchestraParadies der Tiere and lots more) Schlögl has matured his own sound through lots of experience. It is an autocratic sound, negating fashionable minimalism or semi-ironic cheesiness. Jazz and dub rhythms flirt with an enthusiasm for soul and contemporary dance music.
Every new I-Wolf track exists in two universes. The Fleshandblood manifestation accepts chaos; it is a bacchanalian ode to life in excess. It aims to capture the delirious struggle of the soul, pulling the desires in many directions at once. The Skinandbones manifestation is ascetic, controlled, a concordant piece of harmony: focused, structured, pure. Schloegl: “Music flows; from musician to musician, from musician to listener, it is shared, given away, hoarded, mashed, remixed, reinterpreted, pours into a concert, onto the concertgoers and so on. I don’t think there is an essential form of any music. It’s freedom through variation.”
With the Chainreactions he is bringing along a new pack too: Portuguese harpist Eduardo Raon, wunderkind drummer/producer Sixtus Preiss (Affine Records) and battle-tested music veteran Eddie Siblik on guitar and bass. The three singers Nomadee, Aiha and Briknie ease the often challenging environment of an I-Wolf production and add just the right amount of bliss” (Seayou Records)

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