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Brita Kristina: The fulfillers (Single, 2012)

Brita Kristina tiene nombre de reina de la monarquía sueca y unos ojazos azules absolutamente arrebatadores. Su música es ese Pop femenino de voces profundas y arreglitos aseados para pasar el corte Indie. La temática de este single tiene que ver con su propia vida, pues compuso el tema al salir de una relación sentimental estable. Cosas del corazón…


“Sometimes your heart leads you right, sometimes it leads you wrong. No doubt about it – it’s a game of chance. Umeå based artist Brita Kristina has always had the courage to listen to her heart rather than her brain. She’s been neglecting no-sayers and people who never believed. She’s gone her own way, followed her passion. It’s been intense all the way.
Umeå has given her everything she might have needed and therefore it was obvious that her solo debut album should be recorded there, in the legendary Tonteknik studio with well known producer Pelle Henricsson behind the mixing desk (his previous work includes Refused’s “The Shape Of Punk To Come”). During the album’s completation Brita Kristina went through a tough heartbreak, leaving a relation that’d lasted for seven years. This gave the song’s an extra touch, a depth previously not present.
“The Fulfiller”s is about tomorrow being better than today. It’s about life” (Press)

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