Sea Above, Sky Below: Enchanted (Ep, 2012)

Enchanted cover art

Sea Above, Sky Below, amén de tener un precioso nombre, no es más que el resultado de las inquietudes personales de Seb Pidgeon, un músico londinense que al abrigo de su dormitorio, ha elaborado un proyecto musical que lleva en marcha desde 2009. Aunque no es su único proyecto, SASB es la vía de escape de sus aspiraciones más Dream-Pop. Un océano de tranquilidad envuelto en guitarras cristalinas, teclados y voces suaves. Su música es deudora de gentes como Cocteau Twins o Slowdive, y no tiene ningún perjuicio en ocultarlo. Desde su blog, promete un parón con Sea Above, Sky Below, para centrarse en proyectos paralelos (Le Big Party, The Jennifer Suggestion). Un chico inquieto…


“A few words on the new release!
So my last proper Sea Above, Sky Below release was in November 2010, which feels like a lifetime ago and probably was. It took me a 18 months to create that album, and it’s almost taken as long to do this EP, which of course if you read back through my posts, was meant to be two EPs and an album in 2012… whoops. To be honest, I was working on an album’s worth of material – but not every song you write actually works when you start recording, and this time around, fact is a higher number of songs just didn’t work. Maybe I’ll have time one day to revisit them and see if something can be done.
Anyway, this EP is quite a mixed one really in terms of content. They’re all brand new songs, ie written after the last album, apart from Emerald Eyes, which was written in 2008 I think, and decided to revisit, having never recorded it properly. Sleep Sweet was written very quickly, and in fact I only worked out the structure of the song when I was sat with the microphone in front of the guitar about to record it in my brother’s bedroom. It’s the only fully acoustic song I’ve released under the Sea Above, Sky Below moniker (if you discount some quiet e-bow work in the background!).
This will be the last Sea Above release for a while as I’m going to take some “time off” and work on stuff for my other projects – LE BIG PARTY, and a new project with my brother, The Jennifer Suggestion” (




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