Jonas Carping: All the time in the world (2012)

All The Time In The World cover art

La voz taciturna y melancólica de Jonas Carping es la protagonista absoluta de los diez temas que componen All the time in the world, el último lanzamiento del cantante sueco que, como decía, se revela como una especie de Johnny Cash actualizado y puesto al día, pero con todos esos de tristeza y sentimentalismo extremo reflejado en sus textos; y en esa instrumentación parca pero ajustada, sin ningún tipo de estridencia. Una especie de Folk-Pop de rasgos muy intimistas y cierta pesadumbre como acompañamiento vital.
Puedes encontrar su disco en su Bandcamp o en Spotify.


“Well, I pretty much wrote all the (good) things I thought about Jonas Carping when his Underground EP was released. I mentionned the comparison with Johnny Cash (and forgot to quote Leonard Cohen). Praised his great voice too, but forgot to say he was a storyteller as much as a singer.
However, now his debut album All the time in the world just went out, I guess a new post about him is not useless. First, because the record (that you can get here) sounds great (even if it is a little bit too monotonous). Second, because there are not much other Swedish artists sounding like him.
This could be the soundtrack of a kind of western movie with an old cowboy as a hero. Unforgiven? Somehow. From opening track Left in here to the ending one Leaving one (I confess I wish there were more catchy songs in the album like this one), there is enough melodic dirt in this music to sound real. A true discovery” (

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