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The Graveyard Kids: My only company (2012)

My Only Company cover art

Brooklyn no es sólo el epicentro de las últimas tendencias de Pop saltarín y juguetón (que todos conocemos). En el barrio neoyorquino también se realizan trabajos más desmarcados como este My only company (2012), el debut de The Graveyard Kids. Digo lo de desmarcado porque los chicos se han marcado un disco de esos heterogéneos, con diversidad de miras y amplitud sonora. Reconozco que el primer tema que oí fue The raft of Medusa, que es algo así como un alegato a The Pastels bajo el prisma sonoro de The Olivia Tremor Control. Un tema con mucho gancho y diversidad de registros. Su crisol se amplía con otras visiones: garajeras (Starcaise blues), instrumentales (Clint Eastwood teddy bear), Lo-Fi´s a lo Guided by Voices (Robinson row, Cold hearted boy) o incluso Post-Punks (Knight´s bridge). De todos los temas del mini-álbum sin duda me quedo con The raft of Medusa, pero seguro que en cualquiera de ellos puedes ver reflejados algunos de tus gustos.
Puedes encontrar el disco en su Bandcamp, poniendo el precio que consideres oportuno podrás hacerte con un disco muy interesante.


“The first and so far only time I’ve seen the Graveyard Kids, was at a BBQ featuring other bands from the Brooklyn hive collective/think tank/world domination plot Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen. They played first, blasted through a pretty awesome set, and then disappeared. They reminded me of the freaks in “Freaks & Geeks:” shaggy-haired, probably stoned, absolutely self-contained. Those traits carry over onto their debut LP, “My Only Company.” For a first record, it certainly sounds like a bunch of dudes who’ve been playing together for years with absolute confidence in the power of their songs (which they would like to note have been recorded twice prior to this.) 
This is a record aware of its space in your headphones. The atmospheric ballad “The Fountain,” is achingly pretty, especially when sandwiched between the devil-baiting “Staircase Blues,” and the killer rocker “The Raft of Medusa.” The latter, by the way, is what we would’ve called a “hit single” back in the day. It’s a party in and of itself, drinking beer alone but with a goofy grin. How many songs do you know end in a unstoppable “na-na-na” chorus, minutes after pulling off a bass solo? I don’t see Paul McCartney stepping out from behind the baby grand to slap some bass during “Hey Jude.” The euphoria of that track is matched by its minute comedown solo spotlight piano track, “Clint Eastwood Teddy Bear,” a bit Guided by Voices-esque in its “And Now For Something Completely Different”-vibe. It’s a sweet little breather before the blooze continues in “Robinson Row” and “Cold Hearted Boy,” both of which make you wanna down a brew and get real sad. But the Graveyard Kids know the children came for a good time and they deliever the hip-shaking goods in the final rave-up track “Knights’ Bridge.” Don’t let the Spencer Krug medieval titles throw you off, the band’s sound falls somewhere between light Queens of the Stone Age, as fronted by Wings-era Macca. It’s rare that a band comes out this sure of itself and ready to kick the listener in their balls. Prepare yourself” (Layne Montgomery, Bandcamp)

Facebook / Descarga legal, pon el precio-Legal download, name the price

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Jemez Mountain Hawkz: CA-2 (Video-Single, 2012)

CA-2 cover art

En un año en el que Beachwood Sparks han reaparecido tras un largo período de silencio, es lógico que otras bandas como Jemez Mountain Hawkz hagan lo propio y facturen un sonido semejante al de los californianos. Provenientes de Los Angeles y Seattle, mezclan casi por igual la Americana con el Country y el Surf. Y no les queda nada mal. Prometen material para este próximo mes de Octubre. Por lo pronto, nos dejan con este vídeo-single titulado CA-2. No les pierdas de vista porque el disco promete…


“True supergroups are hard to come by, especially in the world of indie rock. This is why Jemez Mountain Hawkz is such a special development; veteran indie players hailing from Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and Seattle have converged and combined their indie pop, country-fringed Americana sounds for Jemez Mountain Hawkz’s debut EP, Hey-Mez, due out October 2nd.
It hasn’t always been sunny, spacious tunes for Dameon Lee Waggoner, former bassist for Southwestern punk luminaries Scared of Chaka and mastermind behind the formation of Jemez Mountain Hawkz. With this new group, Waggoner explores a sonically tender sound alongside acclaimed guitarist Ian Moore, fellow Scared of Chaka cohort and former Shins member Dave HernandezDrew Church of Little Cuts, and drummer Steven Barci.
Their semi-self-titled EP, Hey-Mez, is a journey between the classic sounds of ’60s SoCal and the transcendental nature of the band’s namesake. Dameon grew up around a Tanoan Indian area in New Mexico called Jemez, which the natives roughly define in English as “the place,” replete with mystical undertones. The five-track EP is a delicate mixture of retro pop harmonies and darker melodic hues, evident in songs like “The Long Ride Home” and “California Bound.”
Jemez Mountain Hawkz’s first video is for “CA-2,” which SPIN premiered online today. “The main inspiration for the video is the surf and skateboard culture of Southern California in the 70’s,” says Dameon. “The song is about leaving your job and worries behind and heading out to the beach.” With the help of editor Jensen Rufe, Dameon cut up vintage clips of Super 8 film footage to help capture the carefree innocence that enveloped the CA-2 highway during the Summer of Love” (


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My & The Mighty Mighty Magoo Orchestra: Lost bride (Video-Single, 2012)

Agrupación sueca que factura un sonido de lo más peculiar, algo así como un Chamber-Pop orquestado, lleno de arreglos, matices, esmero extremo en los detalles sonoros. Todo un universo de influencias y de musicalidades diversas, resumidas en un tema titulado Lost Bride. Llegan de la mano de Birds Will Sing for You Records.
“My & the Mighty Mighty Magoo Orchestra has one and only one noble task – to entertain the public with bombastic, raw energy and swinging arrangements. Ok? It might sound a little bit lit: John LennonJoni Mitchell and James Bond visiting Mardi Gras. Looking further below the surface we’re going to meet Nina HagenKate BushFrank Zappa and Freddie Mercury. Avantgarde-soul resting on a singer songwriters bluesy bed.
The band can perform on a pile of crushed piano if that’s what you prefer!
My Engström Renman, the bands core soul is also known for her work with Gothenburg based lounge metal outfit Hellsongs” (Press)
Facebook / Birds Will Sing for You Records

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