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Airiel: Kid games (Shelflife, 2012)

It’s loud. It’s pretty. You can dance to it. We’re from Chicago, USA“. Así es como Airiel se autodefinen a sí mismos, escuetamente, en su Facebook. Lo cierto es que tampoco hay que ir mucho más allá. Airiel son (hoy en día) una formación de cuatro miembros estables que factura un sonido absolutamente ensoñador. Si pudiéramos dar un perfecto ejemplo de qué es el Dream-Pop, podríamos ilustrarlo con Funerals, el tema que abre este Kid Games, el último lanzamiento discográfico de esta perezosa banda que comenzó siendo el proyecto unipersonal de Jeremy Wrenn y su caja de ritmos. Sonidos absolutamente ensoñadores, teclados en un primerísimo plano, voces casi perdidas en el conjunto, guitarras lo suficientemente lejanas para que apenas puedan ser oídas… Toda una delicia para los auténticos degustadores del Shoegaze más envolvente y dulzón.
“With all due respect to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Ringo Deathstarr and others, the band that signaled the resurgence of shoegaze for me was Airiel. The Battle Of Sealand, the band’s debut full-length re-opened my ears to the vast soundscapes left most unheard for a decade. There were a lot of up-tempo tracks that, god help me, made me want to dance…mostly in the car, in front of perfect strangers. Kid Games, along with being a four song EP, is a return to the form of their four EP set, Winks & Kisses but informed with the advances in sound made on their full length. Principal songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and only original member Jeremy Wrenn takes us on a brief but wonderful journey. The songs are wall-to-wall pensive beauty. “Funerals,” alternately hushes and soars all over a rich, almost orchestral layer. The music of “Flashlight Tag,” is every bit as playful as the title would suggest. The final song, “Daydreamer”, almost hits it too far on the nose. The style of shoegaze always invokes the feeling of a dream. The track itself, though, is the apex of the EP. It is wistful and busy, the hallmarks of the genre.
It had been a long five years, waiting for any release from Airiel, and this has not been a disappointment. Would a full-length be preferable? Yes, but in this case, quality trumps quantity. Kid Games may not break new ground but it is a pleasure” (

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31 agosto, 2012 - Posted by | Airiel

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