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Magic Wands: Aloha moon (2012)

Bossanovas y Magia Negra

Cuando una pareja se conoce por internet y hacen valer, ante todo, su amor por la música, ¿Qué puede ocurrir? O bien la relación fructifica y llega a buen puerto, o bien esos conocimientos son puestos en común en forma de, digo yo, blog, o banda. Pues bien, Magic Wands (Chris y Dexy Valentine) llevaron a cabo las dos propuestas: tienen una relación y formaron esta dúo de Electro-Dream-Pop.
Son un grupo que causó cierto impacto en 2009 con su Ep Magic Love and Dreams, pero es en este 2012 cuando han hecho su debut en largo, con este Aloha moon (2012), un disco en el que, repitiendo unos patrones ya existentes y conocidos por gentes como, por ejemplo, School of Seven Bells, se desenvuelven tan a gusto por ese Dream-Pop de matices electrónicos (Kaleidoscope hearts, Crystals, Warrior, Treasure, Wolves). En otros momentos se transmutan en algo así como unos Raveonettes angelinos (Black magic, Teenage love, Kiss me dead). Para cuando andan más entonados, se sacan de la manga una especie de reinterpretación de The Cure llamada Space que, la verdad, les queda de lo más resultona, todo hay que decirlo. Un disco que se deja oír muy fácilmente (han tomado cortes del Ep regrabándolos); fijáos si no el corte que lo abre: Aloha moon, una especie de Bossanova electrificada que cala suave como un cóctel veraniego. No se salen de los patrones conocidos previamente, pero en ellos se desenvuelven con extrema facilidad. Y éso no es poco.

Magic Wands – Aloha moon (2012)

“For a duo that’s opened for such acts as The Kills and The Horrors, it’s not hard to trace Magic Wands’ darker undertones lurking beneath their glitzy, nighttime hooks back to such pseudo-gothic bands. On Aloha Moon, the first proper LP from Chris and Dexy Valentine, they teeter on the brink of shoegaze, but not quite – their larger interest in sultry mood and rhythm make this an overall impressive debut.
Magic Wands’ video messages to their fans online are astonishingly low-key, with light flares and Ray-Bans abound, and for a group as cheeky, however ironic or not, to dub their own sound as “lovewave”, some judgments might come flying before actually listening to the stuff. Sure, Aloha Moon is a pop record in the strictest sense, but it has the deceptively astral chops to stand behind with School of Seven Bells’ and Drowner’s releases from earlier this year as a lighter palette cleanser. Magic Wands also operate as a slower, gauzier Metric, but they’re an act finding their way and having a fun, smooth time doing it.
After 2009’s Magic Love & Dreams EP, the Valentines no doubt sought to refine their recording chops and take some hints from the big-name acts they toured with, and several songs reappear here in superior form. “Teenage Love” is blunt in its analogies, but it does the job, while “Crystals” is a stand out, an upbeat track with a brief, cutting guitar line alongside synths and clicking percussions filling the whole thing out. The hipster lounge music of the opener and the out-of-place distortion of “Kiss Me Dead” are small blights, but “Warrior” keeps up the duo’s slick-as-hell attitude, and the beauty of it is letting Dexy’s cozy voice ooze around you. While the single “Black Magic” has been around for a bit, it finds a perfect home here, with a poppy catchiness mixed with a leering, gossamer quality.
Chris and Dexy may be firmly located in Nashville for the time being, but their sound yearns for those Pacific nights, with a hazy moon illuminating San Francisco Bay. It’s going to take a bit more than sparkles and glitter, though, to propel their intelligently crafted dream-pop a bit further” (

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