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Tear Talk: Port Sunlight (2012)

BG014 | Port Sunlight Cover Art

Dentro del interesantísimo catálogo de Bleeding Gold Records, Tear Talk es una de sus últimas referencias. Provienen de Liverpool, y están fuertemente influenciados por gentes tan diversas (como ellos mismos reconocen) como Beat Happening, The Field Mice, o sus paisanos Echo and The Bunnymen. Su sonido es deliciosamente Pop. Sus composiciones son cariñosas caricias aterciopeladas entre sábanas C-86. Podemos decir que hacen de la simplicidad una virtud. Mejor le echas un oído a su sonido en su Bandcamp y seguro que estarás de acuerdo con mis apreciaciones. 

Tear Talk – Port Sunlight (2012)

“Four guys from Liverpool who met in school to form a band….sounds familiar right? Yes Tear Talk is primarily a Liverpool based band. Yes they all know each other from school. But that may be where the similarities end. With the majority of the guys scattered throughout the UK for university it makes it a bit more challenging to come together to make the music happen. But when they do, magic happens. Tear Talk’s passion for music stemmed at an early age when exchanging records, and discovering new music was the bond that brought them together. Their earliest influences being Black Tambourine, The Everly Brothers, The Field Mice and Sweetest Ache. However, it wasn’t until they heard Beat Happening, one of their most significant influences, that they thought to themselves “they can do it, why can’t we.” 
After that it was easy. Well, not necessarily. The guys had moved on to universities and although they kept in contact by exchanging albums online it was when they came home for Summer break that they decided to form a band. Geography notwithstanding, to say you’re in a band is a lot easier than actually being in one, especially when it requires the ability to play instruments. Most of the guys had only just picked up their instruments for the first time that summer and had little to no experience being in a band. To quote Tear Talk; “We feel like there’s this real sense of endearment in the naivety of what we’re trying to do, this kind of fragility that is lost in most modern pop music, which we feel like we give off due to our lack of ability. In short, ability has become the death of modern pop, and gladly it’s something we’re lacking in.” So that being said, Tear Talk, despite their inability to play shows every week-end or not having completely mastered their instruments, is one of the most “awkward, introverted and melancholic” bands (their words) out there today. Here at Bleeding Gold Records….well we just think they’re perfection. Enjoy!” (Bledding Gold Records)

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Lightships: Sweetness in her spark/Two lines (Video-Singles, 2012)

This is the Sweetness In Her Spark 7” sleeve, created by Annabel Wright.The single (GEOG36) should be available on the 26th March from all good independent record stores. The b-side is a version of Moondog’s Do Your Thing.

“My name is Gerard Love. I live in Glasgow. 
I play bass guitar in a group called Teenage Fanclub.
For the last few years, with the help of some friends, I’ve been making an album.
This record is now finished. It will be called Electric Cables. 
The name of the project is Lightships.
Recently I was encouraged to start a blog. 
This is the blog 

Con estas breves palabras se presenta el blog y el proyecto de Gerard Love (Teenage Fanclub): Lightships. Su disco de debut se va a titular Electric cables y aparecerá el próximo mes de Abril, y por lo pronto dos temas deliciosos: Sweetness in her spark y Two lines. Con tan sólo mencionar el nombre de Teenage Fanclub nos podemos imaginar que Lightships será sinónimo de calidad, buen gusto y mejor hacer. Aunque aún hay que esperar, estos dos adelantos son impresionantes.

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