French Cassettes: Summer darling (Ep, 2011)

Summer Darling Cover Art

French Cassettes son un combo formado por cuatro jóvenes de San Francisco con pinta de empollones despistados que se han marcado un Ep de lo más fresco y cautivador. Además de juventud las Cassettes Francesas pueden alardear de haber compuesto un puñado de temas que de alguna manera nos recuerdan a cierta producción de los Strokes, aunque con  más carga de ingenuidad, derivada quizás de su propia edad. Supongo que la banda promete mucha diversión en un futuro cercano. Además, su disco de debut está disponible para su descarga gratuita en su Bandcamp.

French Cassettes – Summer darling (Ep, 2011)

“The young lads of French Cassettes make ditties that are sunny and bright; songs that will make you want to get up and shimmy on the gloomiest of days. Every once in a while I come across a band that I feel compelled to put on every mix CD I make for the next three months, and this is one of those bands.
This Bay Area group formed when the quartet were still in high school, which wasn’t that long ago, surprisingly. In the short time the group has been around they’ve managed to craft a sound that is both poppy and refined — saccharine without being sickening.
For such a young group of musicians, French Cassettes really know how to produce clean, shiny pop songs, even flawlessly incorporating saxophone on the killer groove “Hands.” The shining gem of “Mouth Drum,” on the Summer Darling EP, features rollicking drums and a groovy guitar riff layered in with singer Scott Huerta’s scorching vocals. Having just two EPs under their belt, they’re already starting out on a gorgeous note. They’ll get your hips swaying and have you singing along with every listen” (

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