Toby Goodshank: Truth jump fall (2011)

Toby Goodshank es un artista neoyorquino multidisciplinar. Lo mismo compone y toca acompañado de su guitarra acústica que ilustra y dibuja comics o pinta y diseña portadas o merchandising para otros artistas.
En su faceta como músico, su sonido es muy de raíces americanas. Vamos, lo que entendemos como el Pop-Folk de toda la vida, aderezado con instrumentaciones más acordes a los tiempos. Algo así como un Josh Rouse sin ninguna estridencia mezclado con ecos de Matthew Sweet. Bueno, se me ha ido un poco la mano con las comparaciones, pero este Truth jump fall ciertamente se deja oír muy bien y es un disco bastante sorprendente. Un disco eminentemente de aquellos de los que pensamos que “suena clásico” pero con temas interesantes como Truth jump fall, Prelude to fire, Wedding bells, Baby I feel like just cut in half…
Puedes oírlo en su Bandcamp y adquirirlo allí mismo a un precio de risa.

Toby Goodshank – Truth jump fall (2011)

“There is something about Toby Goodshank‘s EP Truth Jump Fall that makes me want to openly weep. It’s not that it is a necessarily sad album; I am not under a blanket with a bottle of pinot blubbering away. It is one of those cathartic cries that we all need from time to time to recalibrate the system and return to our humanity. It is the kind of cry where you take a deep breath afterwards, laugh a bit and cry some more. It is an awesome sensation.
Truth Jump Fall manages to capture the painful beauty that is existence. The bumbling collection of broken individuals hoping to find happiness amidst the pain and hurt we cause each other on a daily basis. Through this we are defined and formed, chiseled and hardened. We long for the ache because it lets us know we are living. Toby Goodshank delivers the ache, and that is why I can’t stop listening.
You probably know of Toby from his work as the guitarist with seminal indie band Moldy Peaches, who provided Juno with her quirky personality*. OnTruth Jump Fall, Toby (or Tobes as I like to call him) steps out from the shadows to crush us with an emotionally raw, delightfully glib, and epically popish album. In a lot of ways it shares a sensibility with Ben Folds’ best works, mixing all of the loneliness of life and our most raw moments, in a glowing orb of catchy melodies and explosive hooks. Toby’s voice and guitar work blend together and compliment each other so well, his voice soars over the intricate fingering** and the two melt into a fleshy sensual pile of warmth. It creates a sensation of familiarity without seeming contrived or plagiaristic.

*I loved Juno so that is in no way intended to be a diss.
**Intricate Fingering was the name of my first band.

Stand out tracks like Sarah and John, Wedding Bells and Prelude to Fire are perfect examples of what makes Truth Jump Fall so wonderful, there is an underlying hint of darkness but the music makes you think of Molly Ringwald and all that her, and her pouty lips, meant to the world. It is the beauty, the pain and the ultimate acceptance that everything is broken and ruined and that is what makes it all worthwhile. We are searching for broken pieces that might fit together making us a little more whole. Toby Goodshank helps us all get a little closer with Truth Jump Fall” (

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