Cut Off Your Hands: Hollow (2011)

No me motiva nada el nombre de esta banda neozelandesa. Su música, sin embargo, sí contiene elementos que a cualquiera nos pueden llamar la atención desde que comenzamos a oír los primeros acordes de You should do better, el tema que abre este Hollow, el segundo álbum de estos chicos del otro lado del mundo. Y lo cierto es que no tienen nada nuevo que ofrecer, porque su sonido es deudor absoluto de fórmulas como el Jangle-Pop o el C-86, y sus acordes de guitarra tienen mucho que ver con los acompasados arpegios de Johnny Marr. Éso no tiene nada de malo, evidentemente, aunque al final el conjunto resulte quizás demasiado revivalista y algo empalagoso. No sé por qué, pero cada vez que escucho un disco que intenta emular los sonidos más Jangle me da la sensación de que al final resulta ser un ejercicio demasiado ambicioso, y las conclusiones no son las esperadas, no llegando casi nunca a superar las expectativas, que quizás son demasiado elevadas. Quizás por eso el sonido de The Byrds resulte finalmente tan difícil de emular o superar. En cualquier caso, este Hollow (2011) resulta un claro ejercicio de regreso al pasado, a una década de los ochenta que muchos amamos, bien sea por caminos más oscuros (Hollowed out) o por sendas más cercanas al Jangle-Pop,que es en realidad por donde mejor transita el disco (Nausea, By your side, Fooling no one, Buried). Disco entretenido, en cualquier caso, que puede elevar sonrisas en cualquier oyente acostumbrado a estos sonidos.

Cut Off Your Hands – Hollow (2011)

“A few weeks ago I was in Wellington for work. I stayed on for the weekend and naturally gravitated toward Slow Boat Records on Cuba St. Upon purchasing the new Fleet Foxes record (amazing, by the way), I again naturally asked the counter chick if “anything was happening” that night. As it turns out, Cut Off Your Handswere playing just down the road at the famous San Fran Bathhouse. Due to events out of my control (long story), I ended up elsewhere. Upon listening to the young band’s new record, I now regret my decision not to go to the gig (completely walking over my personal ‘no regrets’ policy).
The term Hollow is loaded; it can describe a society that is built on the vulnerability of superficial beauty and that most malignant form of power, money; it can also describe relationships that are built without nails and the individuals scrambling about trying to keep them steady. This is a pop record, and with track titles such as ‘You Should Do Better’, and ‘Fooling No One’ and ‘Down & Out’, I’d suggest that Cut Off Your Hands tend toward the latter.
‘I can see it in your eyes/you’ve been hollowed out inside/you’ve been cut down to size/you’ve been howling at the sky/you’ve been pleading for a muse/but you still can’t make no sense/and you know this world’s an awful mess/if you’re honest’ (‘Hollowed Out’). There it is; the fracture; the wound caused by the girl who was as fickle as the autumn weather? (or maybe it was the drugs?). The lyrical intensity of the record lives up to its title, and so lives up to the maturity I have come to expect from the band.
There is a distinct Kiwiana feel to the record; the subtle influences of greats such as Crowded House sneak through, and it is fitting that one of New Zealand’s finest talents in 2011 is looking somewhat to its roots. This element is particularly heard in the throbbing ‘Nausea’ through its honest musicianship and harmony.
Hollow doesn’t contain as much of the raw energy of the band’s earlier work, with the expensive-sounding production creating waves of layers behind each of the songs. In saying this, I know for a fact that Cut Off Your Hands’ live shows do. Next time I happen upon one, I will be there, girl drama or no girl drama” (

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