The Eversons: The Eversons (Ep, 2011)

Seguimos proponiendo Ep´s este fin de semana. The Eversons son una banda que se curra muy en serio el sentido del humor en su música. Se han trabajado un Ep muy interesante en el que, además de mostrarnos su querencia por Pavement o The Clean, asoman la cabeza enarbolando una frescura en su música mezclada con un sano sentido del humor que enganchan a la primera. Bueno, éso y una serie de estribillos tipo “I´m a conservative, I´m a respectable guy“, que son pura goma de mascar que no te sacas de la cabeza en todo el día. Dales una oportunidad visitando su Bandcamp, donde puedes descargarte el disco.

The Eversons – The Eversons (Ep, 2011)

“There is no shortage of attitude on Wellington band The Eversons most recent self-titled EP. It’s not a bad attitude, but rather it’s an almost brazen confidence in what they’re doing. They cite The Beach Boys, The Clean, and Pavement as influences but I’m definitely hearing alot more in there than just that (plus don’t forget the hefty New Zealand accents). There is a pretty strong 1960’s British invasion vibe that (yes, I know) has been done to death, but these dudes manage to keep things feeling fresh.
At times their vocals dance around on the border between singing andspeaking in an almost Art Brut sort of way (before they abandoned the latter), with some pretty rad harmonies mixed in. And like Art Brut the vocal delivery allows the lyrics to rise to the top, so it is there that the success of the EP would be determined. Fortunately for them their lyrics are top notch. With their tongues placed firmly in their cheeks they play the humor card and managed to get a few chuckles out of me here and there.
You can pay whatever you want for the EP on Lil’ Chief Records bandcamp page. Not a bad deal” (

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