Slow Loris: Routine glow (2011)

Routine Glow Cover Art

Routine Glow (2011) es el segundo larga duración de Slow Loris, el proyecto Bedroom-Pop de Wes Doyle, músico de Madison que, armado con sus Fender Jaguar se ha montado un disco de Lo-Fi-Pop preciosista y con ecos de lo mejor del Indie noventero que a todos nos agrada (Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, Sebadoh…). Influencias que hablan bien a las claras del material con el que te vas a encontrar adentrándote en el universo personal de Slow Loris.

Slow Loris – Routine glow (2011)

“You know how Pavement’s track Embassy Row starts out all slow before working your ears over with a brutally smooth guitar solo? That’s kind of how Wes Doyle aka Slow Loris’ opener to his second LP Routine Glow entitled Golden Lines goes. Throughout the rest of the album Doyle continues showing off how his guitar skills have improved since 2010′s Extra Colors and just how confident he’s become with them.  Aside from that, Routine Glow  continues to utilize the reverb that we’ve all fallen in love with, shows his increasing maturity as an artist, and solidifies his place at the top of the list of acts you should check out immediately. All of his releases, including this LP released June 6th are available free of charge from his blog, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least listen to what this Madison, WI resident has recorded. Below I’ve included one of my favorite of his demos; look out for the line “we got friends live down that way;” it’ll get you” (

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