The Friend: New Berlin wall (Single, 2011)

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The Friend son un combo finlandés especializado en facturar una suerte de Indie-Pop bailarín y juguetón, de profundas convicciones hedonistas y cierto maquillaje emocional. Han editado un álbum este 2011 titulado Athletic Girls, del cual se ha extraído este New Berlin wall como uno de sus singles. Puedes descargarlo pinchando en el enlace o visitando su Soundcloud.

The Friend – New Berlin wall (Single, 2011)

“The Friend originates from Turku, Finland, and they play melodic and eloquent indierock music with a purpose of bringing joy and good times to peoples’ lives. The musical essence of the band can be best described with such words as pop, dance, melodic rock and athmospheric tunes. Their debut album Athletic Girls is all of these and more. Though diverse yet it serves a solid entirety.
With many succesful shows played (festivals, major clubs) and even more shows to come, each and every show conveys the same good feeling and sense of having fun that they deliver on their debut album.
The Friend has operated with its current line up ever since 2006 when Antti Siniranta (drums) and Jaakko Kaján joined the band with Mikko M. Koskinen (guitar) and Anders Vuorimaa (guitar/vox). Before their debut album Athletic Girls (2011), The Friend had published an EP Sports (2007) and a single Sparkling in the Rain (2008). Music video for the latter spun on national Music Television’s rotation and this was of good coverage for the band.
Now with their debut album released, their first single off of the new album Athletic Girls called New Berlin Wall has already gained air time on national and local radio stations and got even ranked no.1 on a radio station’s (YleX) most wanted list.
The future is open and bright, the boys will carry on with their sole purpose of having a good time and giving such times to people who share these moments with them, live or on record.
Having fun and not to worry too much, that’s what it’s all about!” (

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