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Eastern Phoebes: Wampum (2011)

Wampum Cover Art

El Folk-Pop es el protagonista absoluto de la música de Eastern Phoebes, un combo formado de Long Island formado por Ry Smith, Meg Bayley, Rick Kattermann y Frank Filippo. Un cruce de caminos entre el Folk, el Twee, el Country y el Pop más delicado. Algo así como una mezcla entre Gram Parsons, Donovan, Van Dyke Parks, Neil Young y They Might Be Giants, The Boy Least Likely To. Todas éstas son referencias que ellos mismos han colgado en su Facebook, y a fe que en su música podemos encontrar huellas inconfundibles de todos ellos. Lo puedes comprobar escuchando su último disco, este Wampum, en su Bandcamp. Si te gusta, además, puedes descargarlo gratuita y legalmente.

Eastern Phoebes – Wampum (2011)

“I didn’t write any songs for a month after the album came out. I tried promoting the release in my free time, to the best of my ability without having an actual band with which to play shows. Promotion is an interesting aspect of the ‘music industry,’ but it’s not for me–I’d rather focus on recording more material even if it means no one hears it. It’s more self-satisfying to me.
In mid-April, the songwriting bug bit me, so I fittingly recorded a tune called “I’m Gonna Bite Your Head Off When I’m Done Making Love To You” about the cannibalistic sexual adventures of the female praying mantis. Around the same time, Danny Goodwin, the founder of February Records in Connecticut, got in touch with us about possibly teaming up for a future digital release on his label. I took the writing of that song with his label invitation as a sign, and decided to start work on a new EP immediately.
The name Gypsy Paw was born at five in the morning, shortly after Meg and I moved from our loft apartment to a lakefront cottage the next town over. I was watching a red fox roam around our new backyard just before sunrise, recording its tracks in the mud. I realized that I was like the fox, having just roamed myself, but with girlfriend, pup, and a ton of instruments into a new living situation…recording tracks. I felt like a transient, like a bard, a hermit-turned-hermit crab, ready for a new song shell. 
In the next three weeks before its free release via Bandcamp (June 30th), I will write short anecdotes about the individual songs found on Gypsy Paw, from inspiration to execution. These writings will accompany streaming versions of the songs, to be found on our Soundcloud page as I finish up the mixes. 
I stayed true to all of my vows. This EP is a nomadic tribute to our homemade musical tendencies. We’d like to show you what happens when a song moves around” (
Facebook / Descarga legal gratuita-Free legal download

16 junio, 2011 - Posted by | Eastern Phoebes

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