Autolux: The bouncing wall / Census (Ep, 2011)

The Bouncing Wall/Census

El trío angelino Autolux, autor de Transit Transit en 2010, nos deja este año 2011 con este Ep de cinco temas. En ellos, Autolux se balancea entre el Shoegaze más Noise de Census, con la huella sonora indeleble de la Juventud Sónica como máxima influencia; hasta la digamos que “experimentación” Dream-Pop de The bouncing wall. Watt apple juice es un instrumental de largo recorrido, ambientes densos y aires Noise. Aunque para expansión instrumental y sónica, el largo instrumental Black Leaves (Kill Pixie Art Instalation Mix), donde el trío da rienda suelta a toda la experimentación de que es capaz en los seis minutos de pura paranoia instrumental. Evidentemente, me quedo con las tres primeras.

Autolux – The bouncing wall / Census (Ep, 2011)

“In this hyperactive musical landscape, with listeners jumping from one sonic square to another like Q*bert, unless you are selling hundreds of thousands of units or better, you have to keep reminding people of your continued existence. Los Angeles-based three-piece Autolux created one of the most engaging and fascinating discs of 2010, Transit Transit, but the nine months that have passed since its release is a lifetime in the blogosphere. So, to keep people like us talking, they have unleashed a digital-only EP that combines tracks from a 7-inch the band sold on their last European tour and two tracks (the pair that make up the combined title of this single) from their previous full-length.
Of the three unreleased songs, the one that will be of most interest to fans is “23 Watt Apple Juice.” This fantastic instrumental expands on the lush atmospherics of their last album by injecting a slow, simmering beat and relegating the whimpering guitar to background noise. Pay close attention to the other two new tracks though, as they offer up a world of possibilities for both listener and band to explore. The six-and-a-half-minute instrumental “Black Leaves” is a cut-and-paste masterpiece originally recorded for an art installation. It plays delicious games with the stereo field, rolling small pebbles of noise down the left channel and tickling your hippocampus with a glistening stream of melody in the right. Once the programmed beat kicks in and starts bouncing around your headphones, make sure you’re sitting down and (relatively) sober. The other is a dark remix of the band’s “Kissproof” that reimagines the song as a composition by a punch-drunk PJ Harvey circa To Bring You My Love, all engorged bass and hot pink flashes of inner thigh. In other words: one hell of a sexy beast” (

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  1. Buenos tipos estos eh amigo Jorge. Si buene video el que has colgado y la verdad, que toda una maravilla escucharlos. Bueno, voy a pasearme un poco por tus ultimas entradas Saludos

    Me gusta

  2. Hola Carlos!!
    Sí que están muy bien, como te decía en tu blog. Yo no les conocía hasta ahora, y la verdad es que el Ep mola mucho. El vídeo en directo que he colgado está muy bien. Es el tipo de directo que a todos los músicos nos gustaría hacer.
    Saludos – Jorge

    Me gusta


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