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Fear of Men: Spirit house (Single, 2011)

 1. Spirit House (Cassette Mix) Cover Art

Fear of Men es un quinteto británico afincado a medias entre Londres y Brighton de la que he encontrado este single que aparece en el sello Italian Beach Babes, un pequeño netlabel con distribución limitada. Se trata de un tema de Fuzzy-Pop con trazas noventeras al estilo Sarah Records. Puedes escucharlo y descargarlo directamente desde su Bandcamp o pinchando en el enlace.

Fear of Men – Spirit house (Single, 2011)


Fear of Men are Jessica, Daniel, Lin and Antony. They’re currently split between houses in London and Brighton.


This is a long distance relationship that works. While there’s a touch of indie pop in there we’re totally entranced by the moodier side of Fear of Men. Our favourite, ‘Green See’ is Warpaint grungepop and ‘Phantom Limb’ echoes in all the right places.

Five Things We Know

1. The band started as an art project based on Diedre Bair’s biography of French Author Anais Nin. If that sounds a bit highbrow for you, don’t worry. The band has changed a bit since then.

2. Fear of Men really got going when one of the band made Jessica a mix tape full of 90′s rock (Eric’s Trip) and woozy instrumentalists like Grouper.

3. Like any good lo-fi band, the first demos were recorded at Jessica’s Mum’s house with Dan (Guitar). They used them to – in their own words – “lure in extra members”.

4. They want to make pop music while thinking about Werner Fassbinder films, forests, afflictions of the flesh and Ancient Egypt.

5. Fear of Men are supporting Former Ghosts on the 4th March at The Green Door Store in Brighton. The band promise that they’re working on some home recorded cassettes” (

Bandcamp / Descarga legal gratuita-Free legal download

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Red Light Driver: Celeste Celeste (Ep, 2011)

 Celeste Celeste

Los acordes de Celeste Celeste interpretados con una Rickenbacker de 12 cuerdas que abren el Ep de Red Light Driver son la mejor señal para quien escribe de que al menos el material que nos disponemos a escuchar es cuanto menos interesante. No en vano, la impronta sonora dejada por el sonido que dejaron no sólo The Byrds con su característica Rick-312 sino otros grupos de la Costa Oeste e incluso del Rock-Psicodélico fue fundamental para infinidad de bandas que aún hoy continúan utilizándola. Red Light Driver es otro de esos grupos y sus cimientos musicales se basan precisamente en éso: Space-Rock (como ellos mismos confiesan), Rock-Psicodélico y New Wave. Haciéndose acompañar de ritmos vivos y voces armónicas, Red Light Driver son un fresco ejemplo de como la sombra de, por ejemplo, Tame Impala, es alargada, y nos encontramos ante un género absolutamente en boga. Sus seis temas, aunque en realidad son cuatro más dos interludios, son absolutamente reconfortantes, y se encuentran a medio camino entre los Young Fresh Fellows y Hüsker-Du. Interesantes.

Red Light Driver – Celeste (Ep, 2011)

“The Indianapolis band Red Light Driver has released a new EP called Celeste Celeste. The band has a straightforward sound which draws influence from New Wave and Psychedelica. Moreover, Red Light Driver has a very bar friendly sound, you just get this sense, when listening to the new EP, that you will be hearing this band’s music playing in the back ground of a local pub. It’s that sense of familiarity and the excellent execution that makes Celeste Celeste a memorable EP and leaves the listener wanting more. Though there are only six tracks on this EP, it delivers on an overall experience not unlike a good full length album should. You can still hear that leftover residue that all relatively new bands have lightly coating each track, but sometimes it’s those seemingly extraneous parts that make music worth listening to. When it comes to the release of EPs, the purpose is to make an impression and Celeste Celeste does just that. A good EP should exude an energy that says, this is what we do best, and leave a lasting impression on the listener.  And the resulting impression that Celeste Celeste leaves you with will make you want to see Red Light Driver in concert, which must be a good thing” (

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